The owners of 2 cafes in Tiel, have a rule that you can only speak Dutch inside the cafe, else you will be refused entry.
But why!?
They are clear that this is mainly due to Polish labour migrants not speaking Dutch and issues arising because of it. This is mainly due to problems with drinking in their cafe. If something happens whilst under the influence or if the person is asked to leave, if they don’t understand, then it makes situations much worse. For this reason, the owners say that this is not discrimination, as although he has had problems with the Polish, it is still aimed at every individual who cannot speak Dutch in order to prevent these problems.

Sorry, only Dutch allowed!

So, how do they do it?

When you’re at the cafe door, they ask visitors to speak Dutch by saying goodnight and showing their ID card. Apparently, many are falling at the first hurdle. They state that they do not have a problem with Poles (and other migrants) who speak and understand Dutch, but it’s important that everybody can understand each other.

Can you refuse people for not speaking Dutch?

In short, yes. Well, they have managed it. Is it fair? Personally, it’s complicated. For a few people who do cause an issue, every other person gets penalised for it. It also depends on how long the person has lived here for. If they have only just arrived in the country, fluent Dutch just isn’t possible and everybody is entitled to have a drink in their local area without being quizzed.

Do you have your ID to hand?

However, if the issues aren’t improving then there is not much else you can do. Banning certain individuals who are known to cause a fuss is an option, but if it is random people every time then that may not stop it. I imagine that there are other cafes in the area, so the person can still go elsewhere. But it is technically considered discriminatory, so it’s a difficult one. It does seem like a ploy to mask how wrong it is.

What do you think about this rule? Let us know your views in the comments!



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