In most of the Netherlands, there will be no buses going anywhere today since the drivers are on strike. With the exception of city buses in Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam.

In large parts of the country there are hardly any buses and fewer regional trains due to a large-scale strike by employees of regional public transport companies.

Employees of Arriva, Connexxion, Qbuzz, Keolis and EBS, among others, are taking action (who makes up these names?). Arriva reports that buses do not run in Friesland, Groningen, South Holland, North Brabant, Limburg, Lelystad and Tiel. In the Achterhoek though, Arriva bus drivers are driving today because they have another collective labor agreement.

Prime Minister Rutte in the bus driving along with former deputy minister Teeven, who now is a bus driver (and we guess striking today as well)

There are no Qbuzz-buses in Groningen and Drenthe either. There are no buses at all from Keolis. In Limburg there are also no Arriva-trains running, but they do operate in the rest of the Netherlands.

Buses only operate in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague because local carriers operate in these big cities.At various places in the country, angry workers gathered early. They put down work because they want more pay and a lower workload. The strike started at 4 am and will last until 11 pm.



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