The VVD and CDA have, at last, come out in favour of a ban on fireworks- at least, on bangers and flares. Ornamental fireworks will still be allowed, though, according to the VVD, NOS reports. 

High number of injuries this year forced government to act

After multiple city councils voted in favour of a ban on fireworks, the only piece of the puzzle left was agreement among the national government on the necessity of doing something about this dangerous New Year’s Eve tradition. Each year hundreds of injuries occur, and this year there were even fatalities.

CDA thought ban would be unenforceable…

CDA spokesperson Van Dam said that part of the reason the CDA was against a total ban on fireworks was because such a ban would be unenforceable. Initially the CDA only wanted a ban on flares and singleshots, as these are the most dangerous to emergency help workers and the public, and two days after New Year’s Eve, Van Dam had said that the party would oppose any ban it deemed to be unenforceable.

But they and the VVD seem to have had a change of heart

But during Question Time today, the CDA appeared to have had a change of heart. “We have discussed it extensively in the group. If there is a ban on fireworks and flares, we are not against that.” Van Dam said. VVD party leader Klaas van Dijkhoff said “Ornamental fireworks are still allowed. You have to intervene on the rest.” So it seems that some sort of ban is definitely on the way.

Lots of support for a ban in government

Other parties in government, such as D66 and ChristenUnie, had long in favour of a ban, especially after the 1300 injuries that occurred in the New Year’s Eve celebrations a couple of weeks ago.

Would you support also banning ornamental fireworks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Feature image: picjumbo_com/Pixabay



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