From June 1, public transport will return to its normal schedule. However, there are conditions. Wearing a non-medical mask. Furthermore, it is expected that more measures will be relaxed in the coming weeks. 

According to NOS, this information will formally be announced to the public in the press conference taking place tonight.

The reason that transport companies have insisted upon this measure is because it is close to impossible to keep 1.5 meters of distance in busses and trains.

Measures to be relaxed gradually

Since March 16, the regular hours of public transport have diminished in order to adhere to the coronavirus measures in place. In theory, it is only individuals in crucial positions (healthcare) that should regularly be commuting.

However, as the number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands are decreasing, the Cabinet aims to relax some of the measures in place so that society can return (at least slightly) to normal.

However, this will only be the case if coronavirus numbers do not flare up, and the virus continues to decline in the country.

The weeks ahead

The NOS reports that in the coming weeks, hairdressers will begin to open (starting May 11), as well as nail studios. Like other contact professions, these two will only be permitted if there is an appointment in place.


The customer must ensure that they are not infected with the virus.

Although face masks will not be mandatory in such facilities, the 1.5 meter rule must be adhered to. This might mean that businesses would need to reduce their normal quantity of customers.

Furthermore, non-contact sports such as tennis and golf will be permitted once more, though any matches or tournaments are still out of question.

Lastly (as was previously announced), primary schools are expected to open on Monday, while secondary schools will open their doors on June 2. Terraces may also open around then, with a maximum of 10 people permitted.

Do you think it’s too soon to start relaxing measures? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Yes it’s to early !!!
    Why face masks now only mandatory on trains and trams , should have been in place from the beginning??
    Opening restaurants and cinema on the 1 June , is insane even with 1.5m distancing !! Staff handling eating utensils, food , card machines, touching of door handles , chairs , pens … like seriously???
    This is asking for trouble

  2. I agree, way too early. People don’t comply with the 1.5 m rule anyway. This will backfire so badly.
    I understand that businesses need help but this is just irresponsible.

  3. Yes, way too early!
    People already don’t comply with the 1.5 m ruling. Sure, businesses need help, but this is just going to backfire. Testing should’ve started a lot earlier especially when we look at the extremely high 13% death rate the media refuses to talk about. The media should be a lot more critical about government measures….


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