Starting from today, face masks are obligatory in some busy areas in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

As the number of cases in the Netherlands is steadily picking up again, wearing face masks in the two cities has become obligatory in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, reports RTL Nieuws.


In Amsterdam, face masks are obligatory in five areas. The red-light district in De Wallen, on Kalverstraat, on Nieuwendijk as well as on Albert Cuypstraat and the markets on Plein ’40-’45.

The measure applies only to people aged 13 and above. During the weekends, there’ll be a team of enforcers reminding people to wear a mask and giving them one if need be. Those who do not respect the rules risk a fine of 95 euros.


In Rotterdam, face masks must be worn on streets around busy shopping areas. This included Coolsingel, Nieuwe Binnenwegplein, Lijnbaan and Meent. People must also wear face masks in the following market areas: Visserijplein, Binnenrotte, Afrikaanderplein and the covered shopping areas of Zuidplein and Alexandrium. Two other shopping areas are considered for obligatory face masks, Binnenhof and Keizerswaard.

The obligation to wear a face mask in Rotterdam starts at 6 AM and will end at 10 PM daily. The same age of 13 and above applies when it comes to who needs to wear face masks.

Warning before giving out fines

A spokesperson from the security region stated the following yesterday. “We are going to speak to people first and do everything we can to encourage them to voluntarily put on the mask in the designated areas. Handing out fines is not an end in itself, we expect people to comply with the obligation to contribute, for their own health and that of others.”


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