All travellers entering the Netherlands on bus, train, plane, or ship from December 29 must show a negative coronavirus test to their carrier. 

Previously this requirement was only for plane passengers. However, the Dutch government has now extended it to all providers of international public passenger transport. Car travel is not included.

The requirements stand no matter the country of your passport: Dutch nationals, EU Member States, and non-EU states are all subject to the same restrictions.

Test or no travel

Carriers can check passengers upon boarding or during the journey but must do so before entering the Netherlands. Any passengers who cannot show a negative test may be requested to disembark.

The test must be no more than 72 hours old upon arrival in the Netherlands. Travellers arriving from outside EU/Schengen Member States must also provide a negative test declaration in addition to their negative test.

The Dutch government stresses that a negative test does not replace the need to quarantine. All arriving travellers are strongly requested to undertake 10 days of home quarantine in the Netherlands. The government maintains that only necessary travel should be undertaken.

Negative tests to enter Belgium

As of today, anyone entering Belgium must also show a negative test result at the border — including people travelling from the Netherlands. The country fears that with the majority of shops in the Netherlands closed, Dutchies will flood Belgian shops instead.


Did you travel for the holidays? How will these new requirements affect you? Tell us in the comments below!

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