Girl (7) dies and boy (5) seriously injured following collision with bus in Utrecht

A seven-year-old girl died and a five-year-old boy has been left seriously injured following a collision at 8 AM with a public bus in Utrecht. 

What happened exactly this morning is still unclear, the NOS reports. 

For now, bus traffic is not passing through Vleutenseweg in Utrecht, and most buses are being diverted through other routes. 

Eyewitnesses of the accident can report to the police station at Kroonstraat in Domstad for any victim assistance.

Support from Utrecht mayor

The mayor of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma, gave her support to the relatives of the victims and emergency workers via Twitter: 

“What a tragedy. My heart is crying. I wish the relatives involved all of the strength. Also all of my support for our emergency services on whom this has a major impact. 🙏”

Victim support

The area was cordoned off after the accident. Those who were on the bus at the time of the accident were brought to a nearby cafe for immediate victim assistance. 

Our thoughts are with the relatives and those affected.

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Naomi Lamaury
Naomi Lamaury
Naomi came to the Netherlands four years ago for her studies with two suitcases and without ever having been to the country or knowing much about it. Now, you can find her eating ‘bitterballen’ and fighting against the Dutch wind on her bike every day like a local. Naomi enjoys writing about what is going on around her alongside a warm cup of coffee.


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