Have you seen this ‘corona spitter’ in Amsterdam?

Police have released pictures of “the corona spitter”. In April, the man was accused of spitting on a shopkeeper in an Albert Heijn in Amsterdam. So far he has not been located. 

There have been multiple incidents of people purposefully spitting or coughing on others since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. Offenders can be imprisoned for these offences in the Netherlands.

Unwillingness to follow regulations

The incident in Amsterdam was prompted by a customer’s unwillingness to follow Albert Heijn coronavirus measures, reports the police. As per supermarket regulations, each person entering the store needs to take a shopping basket. The customer in question reacted angrily when a member of staff insisted on this rule. He then spat on the worker and reportedly said that he wished she would get coronavirus.

Recognisable camera footage

The police were able to get camera footage of the man in question. As per regulations, the footage was kept anonymous for a week, giving the accused time to report to the police. Recognisable footage of the man has now been released. According to the police, releasing such footage is “necessary in this case”.

Similar incidents elsewhere

This case follows a series of similar incidents worldwide. In the worst case, a British woman contacted coronavirus and died after being spat on by a COVID-19 positive man reports RTL.

In the Netherlands, incidents of spitting and coughing have so far led to jail sentences between four and seven weeks. The judge in the most recent case in Eindhoven attested that “the accused exploited a crisis situation.” Besides this, spitting on others is dangerous and anti-social according to the judge.

Police in the Amsterdam case made similar statements. Police representative Marijke Stop stated that the action was, “unhygienic and derogatory, especially in corona times.” It is expected that the man will get weeks of jail time if found.

Feature Image: Politie Amsterdam/Supplied

Annabelle Willeme
Annabelle was born in Utrecht but grew up in Mali, Bosnia and Uganda. She moved back to Utrecht to study and is so far doing a terrible job getting back in touch with Dutch culture. Hopefully, it’s an upward trend from here. Besides writing she enjoys playing football, re-watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 10th time, drinking copious amounts of tea and has recently started trying to brew her own wine and beer… we’ll see how it goes.



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