It’s probably not the best time to go on that road trip. Dutch Roads and trains are still affected by the icy weather — but those trusty sprinter trains are still functioning! 

Frost and snow is still causing trouble for commuters across the Netherlands. Roads have been gritted giving drivers access to most roads with some lane closures. Drivers are advised to be careful on the still icy roads.

Roads are passable

A spokesperson from Rijkswaterstaat says most roads are passable, the advice changing from ‘stay off the roads’ to ‘drive carefully’. The KNMI (Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute) had warned that it would be too cold for road salters to be effective.

However, this is not the case, 900 gritters were working tirelessly last night to keep the roads open. Rijkswaterstraat told NOS that the mix of salt and calcium chloride is effective at temperatures below -12 degrees. Thank god someone paid attention in Chemistry lessons.

Fewer trains running

Sprinters are currently running but NS stops all intercity services. Further delays are to be expected with the temperature dropping over the next week. It is not yet known when intercity trains will restart.

The Dutch Railways and ProRail are watching out for a potential icy build up on the overhead lines. The full extent to which the cold weather will affect railway lines is unknown, probably best to check the NS website for regular updates.

Has the city weather put a stop to any of your plans? Let us know in the comments below! 

Feature Image:Webdexter Appeldoorn/Pexels.



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