The construction of a hyperloop test track near Groningen can once again proceed thanks to a government injection of 4.5 million euros from the Ministries of Infrastructure and Economic Affairs.

The hyperloop is a new train technology in which the train is enclosed in a vacuum tube, allowing it to travel at enormous speeds. Several companies around the world are developing the technology, and they hope to prove that it is a safe and economically viable means of transport in the next two or three years, reports NOS.

Infrastructure expected to be ready in 2022

Hardt Hyperloop, a company founded by students from TU Delft, are one of which that will be receiving government funding. They are responsible for building the three-kilometre-long test track near Groningen, of which the total costs are 30 million euros.

They are aiming to complete all facilities and infrastructure for the test track by 2022. Companies Tata Steel, Vattenfall, IHC, Schiphol and construction company BAM are involved in the project. The province of Groningen has also contributed three million euros.

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Feature Image: Hardt Hyperloop


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