The new ambassador of the US, Peter Hoekstra, has handed over his credentials to King Willem-Alexander. The ceremony took place today at the NorthEnd Palace in The Hague. The American of Dutch descent, who also is also widely known as an official liar, is now officially in office.

US ambassador lying Pete Hoekstra refuses explanation of so-called ‘burned politicians’

Afterwards, Hoekstra received the press in his official residence. The journalists repeatedly asked him about his statements in a debate in 2015, in which he said that there are no-go zones in the Netherlands where cars and politicians are set on fire.

Ambassadeur VS weigert vragen te beantwoorden

Bizarre beelden: Pete Hoekstra, de nieuwe ambassadeur van de Verenigde Staten in Nederland, blijft gewoon voor zich uit kijken als hem wordt gevraagd naar zijn uitspraken dat er in Nederland 'politici in brand gestoken worden'.

Geplaatst door op woensdag 10 januari 2018

But Hoekstra refused to say whether he still supports his claim that politicians in the Netherlands were set on fire. “It’s not about me anymore, I’m no longer a politician, I represent the US in the Netherlands, it’s a different time.” These statements share the same characteristics as the current stable genius who now is the US president.

What were those exact lies again DutchReview?

When asked in December, lying Pete Hoekstra accused the correspondent of ‘Nieuwuur’ spreading fake news, after which he denied his own statements. Later he offered apologies for that. You can read about it in our article on lying Pete Hoekstra.

Then there was also the coveted racism before that, and a weird ‘no-pology’ by lying Pete Hoekstra:

Stay classy Pete!

The story continues

Surely this is only the beginning of what will be an interesting relationship between the Netherlands and Pete Hoekstra (a relationship built on lies, backward world-views and fake news). And although you might have noticed a passive-aggressive cynical undertone in this article, I personally can say that I’m genuinely sorry for the Americans in the Netherlands who are now represented by this Trump appointee. This is especially true for those hard-working professional American diplomats in The Hague reading this right now, I mean can you imagine that lying Pete Hoekstra is your new boss? It takes un-earthly professionalism to stay nice and keep buggering on then.