Dutch King Willem Alexander flies into the Daily Show

If there’s one thing we Dutchies like it is free cheese getting mentioned by the bigger programs of the bigger countries in the world, and we love it even more when that country is Murica and that program is the Daily show. Last time they featured our PM Mike Gurkin, and surely that would have been the last attention for the Dutch until we would finally make it onto the world stage with a World Cup or something. But our Kings Willem-Alexander secret hobby of commercial flying (and in essence, a part-time job) is captivating the hearts and minds of the common folk and news of this peculiar hobby flies around the world (pun intended). So much so that Trevor Noah even stuffed it in his program which is usually filled to the brim with that other Orange-figure, who’s admittedly a whole lot less royal. 

Dutch pride starts at 1:48, but just press play:

The Netherlands was also right on handling the Turks

Don’t cut it off right that after that bit by the way, if you’ll keep on watching you will also see Erdogan’s thugs beat up peaceful protesters. Thereby once again confirming that the Dutch government was right when it came to their handling of the Turkish minister in March. We still have to see any sanctions or such that Erdogan and his henchmen promised it us, but to make sure they look extra shitty Dutch police officers with Turkish roots have been extensively threatened by Erdogan fanboys. Real classy guys… 


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