Police in Amsterdam recovered a live baby from an underground waste container in the south-east of Amsterdam. The baby was rushed to hospital and police have launched an extensive investigation. 

The discovery occurred at 11 PM last night. Firefighters aided the police in retrieving the baby from the underground bin. The bin is located on Meernhof, which has now been closed off for investigation.

Little known about the baby

For now, all that is known about the baby is that it was found alive and rushed to the hospital. Police have not released the details of the baby’s sex or age. At the time of writing, no further information about the baby has been released.

Call for information

The police are now seeking the public’s help in determining what could have happened. Those who may have information can call the police on 0900-8844, or anonymously on 0800-7000.

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Feature Image: Dutchmen Photography/Shutterstock.com



  1. I always thought the Dutch were so especially human and humane. (Both my parents were from Amsterdam.) I cannot fathom a Dutchie doing such a horrendous thing.


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