Man attempts suicide by jumping off the balcony at Dutch parliament

Attempted suicide in Parliament

Police are investigating what has just happened at a public gallery in the Dutch parliament (Tweede Kamer). According to police in the city, a 65-year-old man, believed to be from Groenlo, has attempted suicide by jumping from the public gallery with a cord tied around his neck. All activity has now stopped in the parliament, until it is known on what an earth happened.

Tweede Kamer

So, what happened?

So far what we know is that the parliament was currently in discussion about dealing with organised crime, when there was a loud noise and commotion started. A guy had jumped off the public gallery.

The cord which was tied around his neck, was then tied to the stands in the public gallery and then this was used to try and commit suicide by hanging. The guy was then immediately taken to hospital. Since then, Tweets have circulated about the incident.

It’s definitely no coincidence that this has happened the day of the election results, but the true cause right now, is still unknown. We’ll keep you updated – and hopefully the guy is going to be okay.

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Emma Brown
Emma Brown
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