After a slow and steady start, the Netherlands picks up the pace on its vaccination programme. Yesterday, the European Centre for Disease Prevention (ECDC) released data showing that the Netherlands is in fourth place amongst EU countries. 

As of yesterday, 7% of adults in the Netherlands had received their first injection. Malta pinches the top spot with 10.1%, with Denmark and Finland coming in second and third respectively.

Compared to the data released last Monday, this is a sharp increase in coronavirus vaccinations. Last Monday, 5.6% of the adult population in the Netherlands had received their first dose of the vaccine according to NU.

Not so many fully vaccinated

Despite the Netherlands picking up the pace in giving people their first dose, it’s lagging behind when it comes to adults being fully vaccinated. On Sunday, the EDCD reported that approximately 1.8% of adults in the Netherlands had received both doses of the vaccine.

However, this is an increase from last week’s figures, at which point 1.5% of adults in the Netherlands were fully vaccinated.

New daily record

Minister of Health, Hugo de Jong, announced that last Thursday gave the Netherlands a new daily record — over 50,000 injections administered in one day.

In total, over 1.3 million doses of the vaccine have been given out. The Dutch cabinet hopes to raise the weekly rate to 2.5 million doses by the beginning of the second quarter.

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Feature Image: Gustavo Fring/ Pexels


  1. It’s unbelievably shocking that the fit 65 and overs are not being vaccinated, yet (when not known) I have worked all my life to kept fit and I get told if I had an underlying problem or was fat I could have a vaccination. Discrimination in my eyes or killing of the rest of the elderly so they don’t have to pay my pension . The fact that I have worked for 51 years and behaved I am now unimportant member of society. This is my personal opinion on how I feel. I can not see my family as they are aboard . How can the Dutch be proud of being 4th when they are keeping back vaccinations. Open your eyes Look at other countries outside and see your system is not working. I am so angry the system killing people .blood on your hands and it’s shameful.

    • absolutely correct Sir ! being obese should not push you to the front of the queue. The stats clearly say older people are MORE at risk – the virus kills on age and younger citizens are much less likely to suffer from Covid-19 …..


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