Over 70,000 people used OVpay to check into NS after massive launch

About a week ago, the NS rolled out contactless payments (OVpay) for checking in and out of its stations, and a total of 70,000 people have already given it a go. 🚆

In fact, its first day of release saw 7,000 people use Dutch public transport with their debit cards, credit cards, and mobile phones, according to RTL Nieuws.

Contactless payments were more popular over the weekend

That initial number of OVpay users saw a peak over the weekend, an NS Spokesperson tells RTL Nieuws.

The reason? The NS sees more infrequent travellers over the weekend, who go on an occasional day trip, and don’t necessarily own an OV-chipkaart.

It’s too soon to say if the NS’ new initiative is set to be a success. The rail company was uncertain if the ease of payment would be enough to lure car-goers to take the train more often. 🚊

However, one of their analysts tweeted that the company was still in the process of accessing customer feedback, in order to improve the final product. 👇

Translation: OVpay went live today — pay with your bank card and mobile at @NS_online! In the coming period I will be able to concentrate on analysing how customers experience it. What problems do they encounter and how can NS do better?

No discounts, first class, or student travel

Whilst OVpay is definitely heel handig (very handy) for infrequent travellers, it definitely has its share of drawbacks.

Most Dutchies and internationals alike love their kortingen (discounts), but the new OVpay system charges you the full price of your ticket.

In addition to this, travellers that are accustomed to the fineries of sitting first class are set to be disappointed, as OVpay will only purchase a ticket for second class.

Hopefully, as improvements to OVpay are made, we may see some of these features made available for travellers.

Have you already given OVpay a go? Tell us all about your experience in the comments below!

Feature Image:NS
Liana Pereira
Liana Pereira
Primarily fuelled by cheese and lots (LOTS!) of coffee, Liana is a Burgher from sunny Sri Lanka that’s in the midst of wrapping up her linguistics degree. While writing will *always* have her heart, she also likes travelling, dogs, and heavy metal. As an observer of all things weirdly and wonderfully Dutch since 2018, she’s thrilled to have the ‘write’ opportunity to help others feel more at home here.


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