Most contact professions are allowed to open from next Tuesday. The details of these measures will be announced as part of the press conference this evening. 

Hairdressers, beauticians, and driving instructors will be some of the contact professions allowed to open on March 2 according to the NOS. Dutch sex workers remain unable to carry out business according to sources in The Hague. It is also possible that non-essential shops can open their doors again, with customers booking slots to shop.

Team sports and schools to open

Secondary schools and vocational education centres in the Netherlands are also able to open part-time. Young people up to the age of 27 are allowed to play team sports as well. Gyms remain closed.

These measures are relaxed despite the rise of infections in the Netherlands. Rutte and De Jong will announce the full details of coronavirus measures in tonight’s press conference, which we’ll cover as well.

Are you surprised by these changes in policy? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image: Carlos Magno/ Unsplash 


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