International fliers can FINALLY reserve security checks at this Dutch airport

Between wrestling with your luggage and stressing about your flight, going to the airport can definitely be a stressful experience. Schiphol’s new security checks, however, are here to be your new BFFs.

Let’s admit it — everyone dreads standing in long queues, especially when you’re going on vacation. However, what if we told you there’s a way to skip the queue? 👀

Well, good news! According to RTL Nieuws, you’ll soon be able to reserve a security check time slot for all destinations at Schiphol Airport. Hieperdepiep! 

New level reached: timeslot master

The reservation system at Schiphol Airport was originally only available for destinations in the countries of the Schengen Area.

Thankfully, however, this system has now been extended to non-Schengen flights as well.

From three days before your flight from Schiphol, you can choose a timeslot to go through security. The last time slot you can book is 90 minutes before a non-Schengen destination, and 60 minutes for a Schengen Area destination.

Overslept on the day of your flight and panicking about checking in on time? Geen probleem, as you can quickly reserve your timeslot and get back on schedule!

Go with the flow

According to Schiphol, 20% of travellers currently use the time slots. In addition to helping Schiphol see the flow of passengers, it also prevents those long, arduous queues at baggage check. 

Saving our time AND sparing us the hassle of security checks? Hoera, sign us right up! 🥳

Yet, before you lay your head back on your comfy neck pillow, you should still leave enough time for check-in and to drop off hold luggage. Once that’s done and dusted, you can sit back, relax, and get into vacation mode!

Have you reserved timeslots for security check at Schiphol before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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Simone Jacobs
Simone Jacobs
Originally from South Africa, Simone is having fun navigating the Dutch language, steep stairs, and bicycles (which she still manages to fall off of with her short, non-Dutch legs). An animal lover at heart, Simone can typically be found under her (growing?) mound of cats, where she uses the opportunity to read, write, and watch video compilations of creatures.
  1. I was able to book a slot for a non-Schengen flight 10 days ago. Suspect they “soft-launched”.


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