A shipment of iPhones, worth approximately €3 million, was stolen from a business park in Schiphol. Police are still searching for the thief. 

The theft happened back in March, but was only announced today, reports RTL Nieuws.

A 35-year old man from Poland was arrested on suspicion for the theft. He was the driver who had the shipment of iPhones when the theft happened back on March 14. He has since been released but is still under suspicion.

The Royal Netherlands Marechaussee suspects that counterfeit documents were used and that the thieves received help from people from various companies. After the theft, it is believed that the phones were transported to Edam.

This isn’t the first electronic theft that happened in the past months. Just earlier this month, 4,400 Apple smartwatches worth almost €500,000 were stolen from a warehouse in Schiphol-East.

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Feature Image: DutchReview/Canva




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