Hoera! The Netherlands will be mostly dry and sunny this week

Is spring weather finally on the horizon? The Netherlands says misschien (maybe). 

With the Easter weekend coming up, getting time off isn’t the only thing to look forward to, as we’ve got bright and sunny weather headed our way, reports Weerplaza.nl.

About time: the sun will shine again

Time to ditch those oversized warm sweaters as temperatures will hit a max of 9 or 10 degrees Celsius today and tomorrow, with the sun also popping up say hello. 👋

On Wednesday, the sun will continue to greet us. While there might be some clouds blocking the sun in the afternoon, the day will remain dry with temperatures hitting a max of 12 degrees Celsius.

Time to go sit outside and let the sun take away those winter blues! 😎

But don’t say doei (bye) to winter just yet, as this coming Wednesday is likely to be a cold night. Extensive light frost is expected inland, with temperatures dropping down to -4 degrees Celsius.

Sunshine is still to be expected on Thursday, but there’ll also be a lot of high clouds, so you may want to hold off on those barbecue dinners outside. It’ll remain dry during the day, but the temperature at night will plummet to below zero along the coast. 

Easter weekend: good prospects ahead

Made Easter plans for the long Easter weekend ahead? Geen probleem, as the sun will shine regularly, and temperatures will rise up to 15 degrees Celsius on Monday. 

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But we can’t be too hopeful as there might be rain showers and clouds awaiting us in the week to come. 

How are you planning to enjoy this week’s sunny weather? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Francesca Burbano
Francesca Burbanohttps://burbanofrancesca.journoportfolio.com
Francesca is an international at heart but moved to the Netherlands to get her degree in media and communication. While she's not a big fan of the cold weather and biking (for good reason — she's been hit by bikes three times already), she fell in love with the canals, bitterballen, and the 'gezelligheid' of Dutch culture. When she's not writing, you'll find her reading thriller books, hitting her personal records at the gym, and cuddling up with her Ragdoll cat.


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