Home News Health Event of the year: over 63,000 sign up to trial music festival in the Netherlands

Event of the year: over 63,000 sign up to trial music festival in the Netherlands

Event of the year: over 63,000 sign up to trial music festival in the Netherlands
Image: Anna-m.w./Pexels https://www.pexels.com/photo/group-of-people-watching-concert-1120162/

Music lovers rejoice as Fieldlab Events works with the Dutch government to set up a trial festival next month. RTL Nieuws reports that the festival is set to take place March 13 and 14 in Biddinghuizen, the site where the Lowlands festival is normally held. 

While experts debate whether or not it is too soon to ease restricts in the Netherlands, this study is given an exemption from the law. Good luck getting a ticket for this coveted event, however, as more than 63,000 people have already signed up to take part in the trial — which has a maximum of 1,500 participants.

The small concert is part of ongoing research into the spread of coronavirus at events with an audience. As part of the study, experts are trialling large scale events such as music festivals, conferences and theatre performances. Yesterday, the organisers held a trial event at the Beatrix Theatre in Utrecht.

Strict rules apply

Attendees will have to follow strict rules in order to reduce the chance of infection. Everyone will have to do a coronavirus test before entering the festival, have their temperature checked and sanitise their hands upon entry. Those at the festival will be asked to take random rapid tests and anyone who attends the trials will be tested again five days after the event.

The 1,500 guests will be split up into groups of 500 people. In the trial at the theatre yesterday, each bubble had its own entrance and toilet amongst other facilities. Masks and visors were worn throughout the trial.

Beginning of the end of hard times

King Willem-Alexander is a fan of these kind of studies. He tells RTL Nieuws that he believes this research provides hope that we are coming to the end of these dark times. He says that everyone can benefit from this research and that it would be great if events like this are possible again.

Would you feel safe to go to a trial festival? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Image: Anna-m.w./Pexels


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