Hold onto your hats: a tornado in the Netherlands today?

Dutch weather can be echt bizarre. After a gloomy spring, the temperatures quickly skyrocketed first into the 20s and then into the 30s, eventually culminating in tropical showers last night. 

Today, it seems that the Dutch weather might surprise us with something we haven’t seen this year yet — a tornado (as hard as that is to believe). 

The Royal Dutch Meteorological Institute (KNMI) warns against heavy thunderstorms across the country and a tornado this afternoon is “not completely out of the question,” De Telegraaf reports.

The south of the Netherlands can expect thunderstorms with strong wind and hail in the coming hours. Over the course of the afternoon, rain showers will move up north, saving the northeast of the country for last. A code yellow warning is currently in place.

Where will you be hiding from the bad weather? Tell us in the comments below!

Feature Image: Evgeni Tcherkasski/Unsplash

Jana Vondráčková 🇨🇿
Jana Vondráčková 🇨🇿
Originally from the Czech Republic, Jana moved to the Netherlands for her studies. She fell in love with the local biking culture, and you’ll see her drifting through the streets of Rotterdam on her pink bike even in the worst possible weather (think rain, snow, hail, or all three). Besides advocating for Rotterdam as the best Dutch city, she likes to wander around with a camera in her hand.


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