Expect Delays: The New NS Sprinter Trains Are Experiencing Technical Difficulties

The new NS sprinter experiences technical difficulties

NS: ‘new sprinters go through teething stages’

NS has confidently said that the new sprinters are expected to run less punctually when they first hit the tracks. Every person involved with tracking or guiding the new NS sprinter is getting used to it as well. “With new trains, you take into account lower punctuality (80 percent) in the first period, because, like everything that’s new: it always takes some getting used to, from everyone, from the traveler, mechanic, conductors to operators,” says Roel Okhuijsen, the director of New Material NS.

“The average punctuality of the Sprinter is now about 87%, which is a good score”, says Okhuijsen.

NS says that they find this annoying for travelers. Together with CAF, they looked at the reports. “Sometimes there is a technical cause and sometimes it is due to the handling of an error message,” says NS.

How did the new NS sprinter operate?

Well, not so great it seems. Current figures from ProRail show that the sprinter stopped eight times on Friday, causing 130 trains to be delayed (yikes, “honey I’m going to be late to dinner”). These next-gen sprinters will ride the rails between Den Haag-Haarlem and Leiden-Hoorn Kersenboogerd.

NS has ordered 206 of these new models, which will be made open for public use in phases until 2022. Also from April, the east of the Netherlands will see a lot more of these next-gen sprinters.

Growing Pains: Expanding the sprinters takes time

NS has released a full statement on the functionality of their new sprinters. Naturally expanding their mobility across the Netherlands takes a great deal of time. “In addition to the arrival of the new Sprinters, Sprinters will also be driving more often”. Going on to say “NS expands the timetable from December with 83 extra Sprinter connections”. That’s massive and it will eventually return to its sterling reputation, can’t wait!

Have you experienced any delays? Do you ride the sprinter? Leave a comment or visit our Facebook page for more discussion!

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