Trains halted between Leiden and The Hague in the following days after serious rail incident

Damage to train tracks from an earlier accident in Voorschoten will leave trains between Leiden and The Hague at a standstill in the coming days.

According to the NOS, the collision between a train and building equipment has caused a great amount of damage to the tracks. Trains between Leiden Central Station and The Hague Central Station will not run until they have been repaired.

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Leiden Central Station gets busy

The NS cancelled all trains to and from Leiden Central due to the accident earlier this morning. 

However, many commuters were unaware, which led to the train station becoming “irresponsibly busy”. The station was closed, and passengers were encouraged to use other forms of transport. 

Train traffic from Leiden in the direction of Utrecht, Haarlem, and Schipol is expected to be suspended until about 1 PM. There will be rail replacement buses running, so passengers can expect delays of up to 30 minutes. 

Investigations begin

The Public Prosecution Service (Openbaar Ministrie) is launching an investigation into the train accident at Voorshoten to determine whether criminal offences have been committed. 

The Dutch Safety Board (Onderzoeksraad Voor Veiligheid) will also investigate the cause of the accident. 

Injured passengers

19 people were taken to the hospital, including the train driver. The driver is reported to be doing well and has suffered a few broken bones.

It has been confirmed by a spokesperson of the construction company, BAM, that one of their employees was killed in the crash. 

BAM was conducting rail work on the track when an NS night train crashed into a crane left on the track, apparently belonging to BAM. 

King Willem-Alexander visited the crash site after expressing condolences to the victims and their relatives. According to the king, aid workers have done a “fantastic job”. He wishes strength to the relatives of the deceased BAM worker.

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Simone Jacobs
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