Utrecht shooting looks like a terrorist attack says NTCV

The Netherlands is currently on high alert after a shooting on a tram in Utrecht. The shooting took place at approximately 10:45 am and it’s not yet clear how many people were involved in these shootings. According to the latest press conference the gunman/men are currently still on the run.

Utrecht shooting has all the characteristics of a terrorist attack

According to the NCTV (the main Dutch counter-terrorism organization), the shooting in Utrecht has all the characteristics of a terrorist attack.

There are indicators of a possible raid by anti-terrorist agents, who are outside a house on the Trumanlaan, close to where the tram shooting happened on Oktoberplein. There are agents both on the roof and outside with weapons drawn, so it appears that raids are starting.

Source: Cilla

Extra security measures have now been put in place for other large cities in the Randstad (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague).

City of Utrecht: STAY INSIDE

The city of Utrecht has just also asked all of their residents to stay inside until more is clear about the shooting in Utrecht and the perpetrator is caught.

We will keep you updated as more news becomes available.ย 

*Cover pic source: Cilla

Emma Brown
Emma Brown
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