Brace yourselves! A Cold Front is Coming to the Netherlands

If you don’t have hot chocolate or can’t drink it for dietary reasons then you better grab your warmest sweatshirt orĀ blanket and hunker down, the Netherlands are in for a cold one.

Ah yes, the icemanĀ cometh once again to give us photogenic landscapes and good reason to rug up. January promises us beautiful soft, white snowfall and whole-life-flashing-before-your-eyesĀ ice on every sidewalk (tread carefully!)

“chill out, cool it… let’s get the easy jokes out of the way”

A ClassicĀ Winter in theĀ Netherlands

The first cold is expected in the weekend of January 19. It will reportedly last two weeks. Will it bring us an Elfstedentocht? Typically fourteen consecutive days of frost are required to welcome the great ice skating race. In theory, the twenty days following January 19th would be enough to freeze a path to skate on, time will tell.

Meteorologists reported this cold front occurs when a portion of the highly heatedĀ stratosphere manifests a cooling effect on the earth’s surface. Where this occurs on the surface is hard to predict. This effect takes place three or four weeks later. It can be hard to predict the location that will be cooled. Now it seems a substantial portion of Europe (the Netherlands included) will witness the majority of this frost.


Snow? Is There Snow? …Please?

Southern Limburg may see snow, for the most part, we won’t see snow until the rain clouds move out of southeastĀ Netherlands. Toward the end of January is when we’re expecting to see that pretty, fluffy, white stuff that makes us all children at heart again.

We love what winter’s done with the place.

Cold Weather: Staying In or Going Out?

What are your plans during this chill? Will you be cozying up or heading out to make the most of it? If youĀ areĀ one of those brave types (I’m sure you are) be sure to tag @dutchreview in your lovely winter photos!

Feat pic: Courtesy of Kevin Coelnner


Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
I'm a 24-year-old writer living in Amsterdam, pursuing videography and media. The coffee I am drinking in my profile picture is a black coffee.
  1. Winter is due from now on. Last winter there was huge freeze-up, with scating on canals, puddles, roads, so have the correct outdoor clothing ready !! Layers of clothing wind-proof jacket/coat , ear-muffs,woolen cap scarf, gloves, long underwear. Remember to spray all shoes/boots with waterproofing ( best price is at Action) as there’s nothing worse that leaking footwear! Have piping hot soup or coffee somewhere.


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