Easter is just around the corner! As we are slowly leaving the cold winter behind, it is time to drown ourselves in chocolate, eggs and chocolate eggs! Since it’s Easter time, who would mind having some time off to get together to relax with the family? On top of that, when you combine it with some sunshine and warmth, it doesn’t get better than that. BUT this is the Netherlands after all and for those who are excited about the sun and the cold beer, we’ve got some bad news: Traffic is gonna suck and the weather doesn’t look any good either.

Traffic from hell

With the whole country enjoying some off days and visiting family, it is no surprise that traffic is going to be horrible. So unless you want to sit in the car for several hours to reach somewhere you know should only take half an hour; make sure you take some measures:

Avoid peak hours if you have to use aforementioned highways. In fact, we’d say invite people to your house for Easter brunch (and don’t forget to make our eiersalade) and avoid traffic all together!

Get all the help you can: use your phone to listen to the traffic news and see if your GPS can guide you through the hellish traffic. Oh and don’t forget to pack some of those chocolate eggs for necessary road snacks. Everything goes better with chocolate anyway. If you are stuck, might as well try your best to make it as bearable as possible.

Lastly, don’t go anywhere unless you have to. Enjoy the activities in your own city and hit the road to visit family and friends after peak hours. Create your own plan!

Easter weather: more bad news

Weather during Easter: not good

Let’s move on to weather. We wish we’ve had some good news to give you but no luck here either. Soak up the sun cause these are the last sunny moments we’ll have for a while. As you can see from weerplaza.nl‘s report, it’s going to rain. In fact it’s going to rain a lot. Apart from the occasional sunshine on Sunday, the new week starts with even more rain. Are we surprised? (Come on this is the Netherlands!) Not really.


It’s not all bad though, the rain is expected to get less and less as next week comes to an end but who knows? Things might change quickly!

So, the biggest advice we can give you is: Don’t forget to pack your umbrellas and raincoats if you are planning to spend Easter outside. And don’t forget to have fun!

Happy Easter!


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