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First sub-zero temperatures recorded in De Bilt

Winter seems to be here early, as the first below-zero temperatures were recorded in De Bilt yesterday. This first frost day has come earlier than usual: generally it comes around the 3rd of November.

De Bilt was not the first weather station to record sub-zero temperatures in the Netherlands- that award (or punishment) goes to Eelde in Drenthe. Temperatures below zero were recorded there on Tuesday.

The worst of the freeze is being felt in the east of the country- for example, in Heino, daytime temperatures of 2.4 degrees have been reported. It’s quite a bit warmer elsewhere in the country, with the Wadden Islands hitting 3 degrees and Den Helder 4.5 degrees.

The earliest frost day ever was recorded in 1971, when it hit below zero on the 16th of September. Luckily this year doesn’t seem to be quite as cold, but nonetheless, we’re not relishing this early frost in October either.

Did you have to scrape the frost off your car this morning? Let us know in the comments below. 

Feature image: jpeter2/Pixabay. 

Ailish Lalor
Ailish Lalor
Ailish was born in Sydney, Australia, but grew up by a forest in south-east Ireland, which she has attempted to replace with a living room filled with plants in The Hague. Besides catering to her army of pannenkoekenplantjes, Ailish spends her days convincing her friends that all food is better slightly burnt, plotting ways to hang out with dogs and cats, and of course, writing for DutchReview.


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