Hold on Spring: Snow is expected this Saturday

If you are getting excited to have some sunshine while sipping your beer outside after the last couple of warmer -but still rainy- days, we have some bad news: don’t get your hopes up just yet! (Spoiler alert: Snow!)

Snow is coming this Saturday!

Don’t put away your winter coat yet says buienradar.nl

According to the recent weather reports, real winter is here to stay for a little longer. The temperatures will drop significantly as the weekend approaches and on Saturday snow is expected. So who knows, don’t put your ice skates away just yet!

The reason? Arctic cold, says Weerplaza.nl.

It’s not all doom and gloom, at least we might get to see the Netherlands under a blanket of white snow to make some great photos and soak up the view before summer arrives. So, keep your winter duvet a little longer and have another hot chocolate this weekend.


Ceren Spuyman
Ceren Spuyman
Born and raised in Istanbul, Ceren moved when she decided to follow her own Dutchie. Being restless by nature, she is now busy with everything Dutch by majoring in Dutch Studies at Leiden University while living in Delft. Her hobbies are petting as many cats as possible.


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