It’s going to be hot you say?

Good news guys… (or not so good if you hate the heat), temperature records for this Thursday are due to break, with highs of 28 degrees celcius. Yeah, you heard right: 28 degrees! How blissful!

For the next few days (until the weekend), temperatures are going to remain in the mid-20’s. However, in some parts of the Netherlands on Thursday, especially in the Limburg region, temperatures are due to soar to almost 30 degrees celcius. If the temperature doesn’t make any last minute changes, this means that this temperature will break the records as being the hottest 19th April.

Of course, a lot of us (and especially after that cold winter), have pretty delicate skin this year. Please make sure you head to Kruitvat if you haven’t already – and grab some sun cream. Or you’ll be waddling (yeah, literally waddling) into work on Monday, looking like you rolled in tomato ketchup.

Or even this…ya never know.

So, what can we all do on this record-breaking day?

Apart from maybe enduring work, if you’re lucky enough to have a day off, then I have a few suggestions. The obvious ones being going to the beach, visiting the tulips and having a BBQ. If you’re looking to swim in some outdoor pools in the Netherlands, this isn’t possible for many places as the water hasn’t had time to heat up yet. So beach it is… to go to a beach bar… and have 1 drinks (7 drinks)…


Have a cocktail for me. 😉

How will you be spending this record-breaking Thursday (not work I hope), let us know in the comments!


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