Has life been letting you down lately? Well, so are we. It’s cloudy. It’s raining. And it will continue to rain for the foreseeable future. Oh —and it’s cold.

We don’t know what else to tell you. Maintain a 1.5 meter distance from your friends, but hold your umbrella close. Buienradar has reported that the weekend will be changeable with periods of rain and winks of sunshine.

Temperatures will range between 14 in the South and 17 in the North of the country. The midday temperature is also expected to be slightly below average for this time of year.

No sign of sunshine to come

Whilst there will be dry spells, the sun has left us for the time being. The weather will continue to be changeable for the next few days with strong southerly winds on Sunday. Afternoon temperatures will remain between 14 and 15 degrees.

Meteorologists have noted that sunshine will be particularly sparse from Tuesday onwards stating “it will take a while to find the sun.” That doesn’t sound good.

Stay cosy

But then again, maybe the lack of sun and showers of rain is exactly what we need at this point in time. Stay inside if you can, start baking again, buy yourself an elaborate puzzle, give your beloved furball some much deserved attention and for the love of stroopwaffels, stay home if the sniffles start.

Will you be doing indoors this rainy season? Let us know in the comments below!


Feature Image: Tim Goedhart/ Unsplash


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