A garage in Amsterdam has appeared on housing website Funda for the bargain-basement price of just €995,000 — plus tax.

What can you get for a million euros in the Netherlands today?

Here are a few ideas:

  • 33 mid-range sedans
  • 3.3 mid-size apartments in a small Dutch city
  • food, accommodation, and education for 1302 African children for a year.

But why buy those things, if you can get a prime parking location in the middle of Amsterdam instead?

The most expensive garage in the world

If the garage on the corner of Jacob Obrechtstraat and Van Breestraat sells for that very reasonable and completely non-questionable price, it will become the most expensive parking space in the world. That record is currently held by this €870,000 parking space in Hong Kong.

The spacious 22 square metre spot boasts lighting, electricity, a sink, an electric garage door, a private driveway, and a bollard with a lock, in close proximity to the prestigious Concertgebouw area.

Can you resist it? Image: Google Maps

There’s space for only one car inside, and it’s so fancy you can even open the doors if the car once you drive it in. Even better, if you purchase it from this description here — I’m claiming a commission!

If you don’t have a cool million lying around in cash, you may prefer to take the affordable rental option — it’s only €990 per month or about 3/4 of my total monthly rent.

Shocking price

Is that huge price just a publicity stunt? Maybe. But the owner told AT5 that he’s been fielding calls non-stop.



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