Teachers are worried about the safety of their work environment, according to a poll by teachers union Leraren in Actie (LIA).

Of those who took part in the poll, 55% believe it is not safe to “continue with current full-classroom teaching.”

The poll also found that most teachers find it difficult to enforce the 1.5-meter distance rule in a full classroom and that students are too relaxed with mouth mask measures.

Stricter measures required

The chairman of the LIA, Peter Althuizen told De Telegraaf that teachers want more mandatory measures in the classroom. “For example, working with half classes so that both teachers and children can keep a distance from each other.”

Althuizen says that the teachers’ fear for their own health is not being taken seriously by those in charge. The union claims that the cabinet must take stricter measures in classrooms.

Minister disagrees

The Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Arie Slob, has spoken on the findings. He says that while he understands the teachers’ fears, he does not believe teaching in half-classes is necessary.

He claims the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) has deemed it safe. “It is very important that children are taught at school as much as possible. According to the Outbreak Management Team, that is also justified.”


However, Slob does call on the students to keep the coronavirus measures in mind. “It is also necessary that students keep their distance from the teacher and that the other basic rules are properly observed.”

As coronavirus cases continue to rise across the Netherlands, the government’s decisions surrounding issues such have continued to fall under scrutiny.

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Feature Image: Pragyan Bezbaruah/Pexels


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