We all love our beloved FEBO. Whether we’re on the way home after a heavy night and fancy a delicious croquette or if we’re in a rush at dinner time and grab a guilt-free burger. Popping a few coins in the machine, and the food is all yours. Bliss.

But we never guessed that we could connect an ‘innovation in Amsterdam’ article to a food wall. Normally that stuff is about a new island or the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam being a source for sustainable energy. Good thing we love our dubious food walls here at DutchReview.

The Health Food Wall; a game changer

Of course for the vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free community, this isn’t an option. There was a clear gap in the market and that’s when The Health Food Wall was born. This means that people who are gluten-free, vegans or vegetarians can also grab some delicious wall items on-the-go. The design is similar to FEBO, only FEBO food is kept warm (and it’s complete junk food, let’s be honest).


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WE ARE OPEN🌿 Come get your meal, a warm drink, juice or smoothie at Kinkerstraat 66a. Start your weekend healthy with a free green shot on the house🍏

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The Health Food Wall is refrigerated and keeps fresh food cool. It’ll be more pricey (between 7 – 9 euros) as it’s organic and fresh, and will include drinks such as smoothies and other fresh juices and snacks, so to pay you will use your bank card. The business is also trying to be more environmentally friendly by not using any unnecessary plastic. Some of the plastic, for example with sauces, will be biodegradable.


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Eating like a real #fitgirl or #fitboy , without the hassle of shopping and cooking đŸ’ȘđŸ»

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Overall it’s a pretty cool concept if you’re wanting to maintain your lifestyle and/or be healthier!


You could eat healthily… Or, you could eat for comfort and deliciousness, by eating Dutch.

Like this video? Want to see more about or really start learning Dutch? Then head over to Bart de Pau’s YouTube-channel  (Learn Dutch) and get started!

The Health Food Wall is now open on Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam – they’re not sponsoring this in any way but we do have veggies on our team who would like to swing by once 😉


  1. It’s so good in there. All the food, the people, the ambience.
    But is not a FEBO killer for sure, mostly because of the prices, I don’t even think they will compete at all.

    But felt good to go in and chose whatever I want, without checking ingredients haha


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