A guide to 6 places to explore in Utrecht (that you maybe didn’t know about)

Places to explore in Utrecht

If you haven’t been to Utrecht recently, you should go! Don’t be surprised if you hop off the train and question yourself if you have gotten off at the right stop – as there is so many new places to explore in Utrecht! Utrecht has changed immensely in the last few years and is continually changing every day. You could say that the station and surroundings has gone from looking like something sad from 1970 to bling, bling- hello 2019!

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The shopping mall near the station, Hoog Catharijne is full of endless fabulous and chic stores. It is a sea of shopping, in an upscale modern surrounding. There are hospitality joints popping up all over the place too. You are sure to be surprised by this flashy part of the city.

This is lovely, but what if you are feeling like exploring the city a bit away from the centre? If you would like to discover Utrecht like a local, here are some other streets in Utrecht to discover.Here are the streets…

Places to Explore in Utrecht # 1 Rotsoord

Rotsoord is a spot not be missed when visiting Utrecht. It is full with a long stretch of hospitality delights, all located along a beautiful canal. On the Rotsoord, you can find my favourite restaurant, LE:EN. Here, you can enjoy Asian cuisine while being surrounded in a old warehouse turned into a colourful, cheerful and cool setting. The terrace is lovely and please do enjoy a nice, cold gin and tonic combined with elderflowers in the sun!

If you are looking for something earlier in the day, De Zagerij serves fresh coffee and a good eggs Florentine! Or if you feel like a fresh beer, there are a more than a few places that you can try within close proximity of each other. Oh yes, please do a little terrace hopping!

If you enjoy trying a more high-end cuisine, then Rotsoord can cater for you too! WT Urban Kitchen used to be a water tower now turned into a restaurant. You can eat up high in style, enjoying the best views over Utrecht. If heights scared you, then Het Ketelhuis is another fantastic option. It is located in an incredible old warehouse turned into a stylish restaurant. Rotsoord is fantastic if you are looking for a little indulgement surrounded by a cool and creative environment.

Places to Explore in Utrecht #2 Twijnstraat

The Twijnstraat is one of my favourite streets to visit. It is a street that I like to visit on a Saturday afternoon (for example). I love to pop into all the little shops and get inspired by all of the different products. I love to purchase different products from all the little stores to take home and be creative to make a delicious dinner.

The Ekoplaza has all sorts of fresh and organic products. I love the spelt pasta, freshly made spelt brownies and all the different types of sprouts! The cheese store is brilliant and just be careful when you walk in, the smell can be quite overwhelming for some. The best part is the samples of cheese hidden around the store, try before you buy!

For a real Dutch bar experience, visit Cafe Lijn 4 and enjoy the wide selection of beers. I love to sit at the table right by the window with the house cat and watch the people stroll by!

There are also plenty of places to shop, including many cool second hand stores. My favourite is the store that sells second-hand clothing for children. It’s so much fun to go through all the piles and find yourself a bargain.

Places to Explore in Utrecht #3 Voorstraat

The Voorstraat is very close to the station, but I wanted to mention it anyway so you don’t miss it! This street is bustling and filled with many delights to explore. If you feel like some Aussie love then head to De Rode Vosch. They serve a spectacular Tim Tam cheesecake and other Aussie specialities.

If you prefer something more hearty then get yourself a hot dog. They even have vegetarian and vegan options- hooray! This street has a Ramen and Vietnamese restaurant that is sure to blow you away. This street makes me feel like I am in the heart of the city.

Places to Explore in Utrecht #4 Amsterdamsestraatweg

Amsterdamsestraatweg is on the other side of Utrecht from where I live, but from what I hear it is up and coming. Lots of new hot spots to explore. The street is going through a change. The transition from going to a bit average to hip is worth a look.
There is a beer speciality store which is nice to visit. So many choices of beer- yes please! I won’t mention much more because, I am not too familiar with this street, but hope you enjoy exploring it!

Places to Explore in Utrecht #5 Europalaan

Europalaan is maybe strange to mention for some, but actually, it is awesome! There are lots of cool things to visit and they are found in a unique way!

Restaurant De Klub is hidden in the back in what looks like a dingy old school and is a gem. Right next to it is a brewery which is an experience in itself. The staff there are really knowledgeable about their products. They will give you a detailed description and tasting before you have to make your big decision! The stadstuin is also a nice spot for a hangout. They often have some groovy events happening which are worth a look. I went to a vintage market there- I liked it.

Places to Explore in Utrecht #6 Kanaalstraat

Kanaalstraat is my nearby my old neighbourhood and is lovely. It is full of tasty smells and a nice amount of hustle and bustle. If you are searching for brunch try the Kebap Factory. They serve a splendid array of food which is sure to keep you happy till dinner time! If you need fresh fruit and vegetables, then visit Kanaalstraat. They have a good selection and try the bakeries too- yum!

So there you are, a Guide to 6 places to explore in Utrecht (that you maybe didn’t know about if you are from out of town). Happy days exploring this beautiful city!

Vanessa Hope van Engelen
Vanessa is a quirky, 30 something year old from sunny Queensland, Australia. She recently completed a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Public Relations. She has an infectious laugh that can travel through walls, a huge passion for traveling and cooking vegetarian food.



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