The Netherlands has the greenest roads in Europe (yippee!)

The Dutch’s ambitions toward a greener future are finally paying off. The Netherlands has been named the best European country for eco-friendly drivers! 🚙

According to Kayak’s 2022 Road Trip Index, the Netherlands has snatched the number one spot as the greenest country in Europe to travel around! 

When it comes to sustainable travelling, the index considers factors such as air pollution, congestion, the number of electric-car charging stations, and the price to charge vehicles. Apparently, the Netherlands is doing pretty well. 🤩 

Why the top spot?

It’s really no wonder that the Dutch are being praised for their greener ways on the road. Like, it is the world’s most bike-friendly country we’re talking about here! 😉

One thing that makes Dutch roads really sustainable is the fact that traffic jams aren’t that big of an issue in the Netherlands (if you’re not counting the farmer roadblocks 🙄). 

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Since the Dutch prefer to jump on their precious bakfiets and ride around town rather than take the car, they produce less energy and fewer emissions from petrol and diesel cars.

However, what truly puts them on top is the fact that they’re now home to the most electric car charging points in all of Europe — putting them in a wide lead over Germany, Britain, and Belgium in that department! 👌

First, second, and third place medals

According to the rankings, Estonia came in third place on the scale for sustainable travel, particularly due to its relatively clean air.

The second place medal goes to the Land of Fire and Ice — Iceland, which also scored well due to its reduced air pollution. 👏🏻

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But the ultimate country that achieved the winning title on the Road Trip Index is none other than our old neighbour, whom we love to share a good pint of beer with, Germany! Proost! 🥂

With its safe roads, a high number of campsites and public bathrooms, and many UNESCO heritage sites for tourists to visit, it’s not at all surprising.

Even so, the Netherlands still ranks highest in the sustainability category. Why? It mainly boils down to the cost of charging an electric car, which is a lot cheaper here than in Germany. 

Alas, there were some countries that still lag behind when it comes to sustainable travel and electric-car charging stations: Lithuania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Greece.

The electric car market is on the rise

The sale of electric cars has risen dramatically in recent years as folks become more environmentally aware of their carbon footprint, reports The National News.

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Car companies are fighting to take advantage of the booming market while they can, but what’s holding them back is the lack of stations to actually charge the cars.

As of recently, members of the European Union have shared that their main goal is for zero-emission engines to become mandatory for new cars from 2035, but this has yet to be worked out. 🤔

How do you feel about the Dutch ranking first for green-minded drivers? Tell us in the comments below! 👇

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Gaelle Salem
Gaelle Salem
Born and raised on the island of Sint Maarten, Gaelle moved to the Netherlands in 2018 to attend university. Still trying to survive the erratic Dutch wind and rain, she has taken up the hobby of buying a new umbrella every month. You can probably find her in the centre of The Hague appreciating the Dutch architecture with a coffee in one hand and a slice of appeltaart in the other.
  1. Your insulting dig at the Dutch farmers is inexcusable. If it wasn’t for the farmers we wouldn’t eat. Joseph Stalin starved to death millions of people in the name of Communism; evidently you don’t mind millions starving to death in the name of CLIMATE.

    By the way, it’s July and there is no snow to be found anywhere in the Netherlands. So much for Climate Change.


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