The North-South subway line in Amsterdam is finally open!

Fifteen years after the start of construction, the North-South subway line in Amsterdam has been officially opened. Tomorrow the timetable will start and travelers between Amsterdam-Noord and station Zuid can take the brand new metro line right through Amsterdam center and under the IJ river.

The opening of the North-South subway line in Amsterdam

The opening program for the North-South metro line was done at the Central Station stop by the new Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema. “In dark corridors in the mud, people worked with all they had for years,” said Halsema.”Change offers a lot of beauty, but also hurts”, the mayor referred to the laborious creation of the metro line. “A lot has been asked from Amsterdammers and trust in the government has been low at times.” The opening of the metro stations was carried out by eight Amsterdammers who live or work near a station. Activities and performances are planned at the stations today.

The North-South line wasn’t an easy case

The construction of the North-South line seemed like an endless disaster at certain times. Many times the budget had to go up and the expected date of completion was postponed many times as well. Parts of the inner city collapsed, houses were damaged, all to the despair of the residents.

In total, the project cost 3.1 billion euros, more than three times as much as estimated in advance. The municipality must itself bear all additional costs.

North-South line: some facts     

– A ride between North and South station takes 16 minutes
– Eight metro stations
– 121,000 travelers a day
– A metro every 6 minutes
– 9.7 kilometers long, of which 6.5 kilometers above ground
– Start construction: April 22, 2003
– Cost: 3.1 billion euros

North Station (source: wikipedia: CC: Marion Golsteijn)

Where will the North-South line take you in Amsterdam?

The new line connects the Amsterdam North district with the rest of the city and offers passengers a quick alternative to the car and the overcrowded trams and buses in the city center. Previously, travelers from Central Station had to take the ferry over the IJ or detour via the IJ tunnel to get to and from the Noord district. That ride lasted more than 31 minutes. The travel time is halved with the North / South line.

Source: wikipedia-CC-Alargule
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