From finding to furnishing: here’s how this real estate team will make you at home

This team can do it all 💪

When it comes to housing in the Netherlands, there’s a lot you need to know. Where is the best place to find or sell a home? How much should you be overbidding? How much should you be selling for? 

While it’s great to be on top of all this knowledge, it’s helpful to remind yourself that knowing what’s best for you and your housing dreams is literally a full-time job. In fact, there are professionals who can manage all of this (and more) for you. 

This is where I step aside and introduce Indra Manniesing’s team at Dutch Real Estate Company. Not only will this team of licensed professionals walk you through the process of buying, selling or renting a home in the Netherlands, but they’ll also take it a step further.

How? Let’s talk about it. 👇

Step one: finding and securing your dream home

First things first, let’s find your dream home. Image: Depositphotos

Have you finally made the decision to take root in the Netherlands? Go you, and great decision. Now, you’re going to be needing a home of your own. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters — a real estate agent. 

Starting the hunt

Once you’ve met with one of Dutch Real Estate Company’s licensed professionals and laid out what it is you are looking for, they will start the hunt for your ideal home. And no, it’s not as simple as online research. 

Dutch Real Estate Company’s team will use their professional knowledge and network to get you into viewings before a home has even hit the online market — this is a huge plus during the current Dutch housing crisis

Inspecting and appraising the property

Ok great, you’ve got yourself a viewing. An estate agent can attend the viewing with you to walk you through any important features, as well as to flag any potential issues.

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Fallen in love with a home? Fabulous! Now, it’s time for the professionals to step in and make sure you’re not about to get your heart broken by an over-valued property or hidden costs. 

Good news: There’s no need to get a separate appraiser in. Dutch Real Estate Company’s professional real estate agents are also skilled appraisers. 

Using their knowledge of the area, they will be able to map out whether or not the sellers are asking for too much and also whether or not you’ll encounter any costly repair work. 

Handling the negotiations and the notary

Once your dream home has been given the all-clear, it’s time for the two dreaded N’s — negotiations and the notary.

This is where financial talk comes in, and unless you consider yourself a pro (one who speaks Dutch as well!), it’s best to tackle these with a professional. 

Dutch Real Estate Company’s agents are not only skilled negotiators, but they can also help you prepare your bid and even offer mortgage advice. It’s all part of what they offer when you become a client. 

Step two: making your new house a home

You’ve got the dream house; now it’s time to make it a home. That’s where Dutch Real Estate Company steps in. Image: Depositphotos

Indra describes her company’s services as a “one-stop-shop” — and she really means it. Not only will her agents help you find and obtain your dream house in the Netherlands, but they’ll also help you with one of the most important steps: making it yours

Getting the lights on

First things first, they’ll get everything running for you. Yep. Forget about the hassle of trying to navigate the bureaucratic maze that is setting up Dutch utilities

Hand it over to your Dutch Real Estate Company agent, tell them what you need, they’ll get the lights on, and you can focus on deciding where you want to install that reading nook. 😉  

Now, to make your home really shine. Image: Depositphotos

Provide you with the tools to renovate

Speaking of reading nooks, if you’re looking to renovate, you can always ask Indra’s team for help with this too. 

No, your real estate agent isn’t going to step into some overalls and inform you that they are also a skilled carpenter — but they do have a team of experienced in-house contractors who will transform your house into a home.

And trust us, this is a huge helping hand when you are new to the world of renovation in the Netherlands. 

Make it yours (styling)

Now, time to find the perfect hue of burgundy to paint that feature wall. Can you guess what we’re going to say? Let the Dutch Real Estate Company team help you. 

Yep, they even have a team of skilled stylists to make your home look like the inside of an interior design catalogue — or a frat den, whatever your preference.  

Step three: making others love your home

Your real estate agent will also handle any viewings for you. Image: Freepik

Or perhaps you’re not looking to buy a home — but sell or rent one. Geen probleem (no problem), Indra’s team can also make sure your home is loved by others too. 

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Making your home look its best

Looking to sell? Great. Your real estate agent will carry out a valuation of your home and advise you on its best assets and how to optimise them. Again, they can help you out with any renovations and styling before getting it up on the market. 

Once your home has enjoyed its glow-up, your agent will take professional photos and curate the perfect description and floor plan — ensuring that it looks its best for any potential buyers. 

Handling the viewings

It’s one thing to look great, but selling a property takes more than just a pretty face. Your agent can show any potential buyers around your home and use their professional eye to point out its most valuable assets.

Checking the tenants/buyers

Dutch Real Estate Company will make sure your house looks its best for potential buyers. Image: Depositphotos

We are precious about our homes — and with good reason! Whether you’re parting ways with your property for good or renting it out to tenants, you want to know that it’s in the best hands and that it’s valued. 

If you’re unsure of who to hand the keys to, Dutch Real Estate Company can even help you with this. Your estate agent will run a credit check on any potential buyers/renters and can advise you on whether your home is being undervalued. 

Ok yes, I need a real estate agent — what next? 

Simple, you can reach out to Indra’s team at Dutch Real Estate Company. They’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of buying, selling or renting your home and help you determine which services are needed.

Then, you can sit back, breathe a sigh of relief, and trust that all of your housing needs are in the hands of the professionals. 

How have you experienced buying a house in the Netherlands? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Sarah O'Leary 🇮🇪
Sarah O'Leary 🇮🇪
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