The Ministry of Health is considering bringing in a new corona app that will help people to book a coronavirus test. The app would then act as a “test passport” for anyone who needs to prove that they have tested negative. 

When asked whether the app would also be used to certify that a person has been vaccinated, the Ministry for Health has not confirmed, telling the NOS, “your questions are premature, all options are still open.”

Commercial testing

At the moment, anyone who requires proof of a negative coronavirus test — for instance, when travelling abroad — is asked to go to a commercial tester.

However, as testing capacity is expected to hugely increase within the coming months, this app may allow users to both book a test and receive a digital certificate stating whether they are negative.

In this way, it would act as a “test passport” for anyone who needs to travel and prove that they have recently tested negative.

The third of its kind

This would be the third coronavirus app to come to the Netherlands. At the moment, the public is making use of the CoronaMelder app, which notifies users when they have been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus.

A second app is also expected to arrive within the next few months. The app will help the GGD with contact tracing; those who test positive will be able to enter in their recent contacts.


Not officially announced but help is wanted

While the app has not been officially announced yet, the government has confirmed to the NOS that it is being considered.

An appeal has also been launched by the government, asking that companies lend their staff to the app-developing project. They ask that companies loan their employees to the project free of charge for approximately two months.

This way, the app may become more readily available as no tendering procedure (the process through which work is contracted) is needed.

Would you make use of this app? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Feature Image: StockSnap/Pixabay


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