17 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam: the best spots to smoke in 2022

The challenge? Finding the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam.

The cremè de la cremè of cannabis, the gauntlet of ganja, the princesses of pot, and the maestros of Mary Jane.

So where should you smoke weed in Amsterdam? Here are 17 of Amsterdam’s best coffeeshops to get high.

TIP: Not sure how to look like a pro on your first trip? Check out our full guide to smoking weed in Amsterdam, or our guide on visiting an Amsterdam coffeeshop for the first time. Smoke responsibly! 😉

1. Coffeeshop Sloterdijk: the coffeeshop that could be a 5-star hotel

Who wouldn’t want some weed in this fancy venue in Amsterdam? Image: Coffeeshop Sloterdijk/Supplied

Forget the dark and dingy Amsterdam coffeeshops of yesteryear. Coffeeshop Sloterdijk is ultra-modern, filled with natural light, and luxuriously finished with marble countertops, wood, and gold touches.

Feeling shocked and unsure what to order? The “cannabis sommeliers” who will take the time to find you the right strain for your day, and even the security guards out front will give you a smile and a helping hand — that’s rare in Amsterdam. 😂

Of course, if you’re feeling like you need a spacecake to get you going, that can also be done: just choose from the array of red velvet cakes, brownies, or tarts.

While this coffeeshop is away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, it’s easily accessible by train or car (with onsite parking).

📍 Where to find it: Humberweg 2, 1043 AC Amsterdam

2. Boerejongens West: the classiest interiors around

Boerejongens is a favourite among Amsterdammers. The chain has four locations throughout Amsterdam, all trendily decorated with marble, wood and brass golden details. What class!

You’re welcomed by a host with a bowler hat but it’s not all smoke and mirrors: their trained staff are the sommeliers of the Dutch weed world. 

Boerejongens also sells some of the best weed, hash and space cake (called “spacetry,” like pastry, get it?) in Amsterdam for a fair price.

📍 Where to find it: We like Boerenjongens West at Baarsjesweg 239

3. Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly know as Dampkring 2): for the ultimate vibes

Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly known as Dampkring 2) is as famous as it is popular throughout the region. 

We’re blaming this on its party music, great atmosphere, and location just minutes from Amsterdam Central Station.

nice spot Amsterdam smoke weed
A chill ambience to roll those spliffs in Amsterdam. Image: Coffeeshop Amsterdam.

Set across three spacious levels, Coffeeshop Amsterdam boasts a smoker’s menu with diversity to die for. 

Plus, prices are fair, the products are *chef’s kiss*, and the “special cakes” are widely regarded as some of the best in town.

4. De Tweede Kamer: a coffeeshop of the ages

Feel like a little piece of Dutch coffeeshop history? De Tweede Kamer was founded in 1985, back when Dutch cannabis regulations were quite a novelty for the world.

De Tweede Kamer was the first coffeeshop to start weighing and packaging products in front of the customers back in the day. This allowed customers to see, feel, and smell the quality of the wares.

elegant weed smoke amsterdam
A wooden feel to your weed-smoking habits. Image: Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop/Supplied.

Word on the street is that the dedicated staff won’t sell anything they wouldn’t smoke themselves, and this ongoing quest for quality is evident in the extensive cannabis menu.

This coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a testament to the genuine smoker’s culture, with an intimate and cosy feel (gezellig!).

Even better? The name Tweede Kamer is a playful reference to the Dutch Parliament.

📍 Where to find it: Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam

5. The Stud: full of funky ambience

The Stud has been around since 1982, with its open and friendly atmosphere drawing in both tourists and locals alike.

You can also go there just to have a coffee, read a magazine or have a chat. In fact, they describe their hosts as “traffic controllers, social pedagogical workers, street sweepers, enforcers and sometimes neighbourhood mediators.” — nice!

The Stud was even awarded the title of ‘best coffeeshop in the Netherlands’ in 2015.

📍 Where to find it: Molukkenstraat 581, 1095 BJ Amsterdam

6. Voyagers: the purest joints around

This one is unique and well-suited for tourists, as they have a small hotel right above the coffeeshop! You can find a wide range of weed strains from Indica to Sativa, as well as edibles.

It’s also one of the few coffeeshops around who has a different area for those who smoke their joints pure (only with weed), separated from those who smoke weed combined with tobacco.

📍 Where to find it: Geldersekade 2HS, 1012 BH Amsterdam

7. Het Ballonnetje: ideal for the connoisseurs

This coffeeshop is another old-timer, opening all the way back in 1978. It’s located right across from the University of Amsterdam, so if you’re a student there you know where to go for a chill session post-study. 😉

As you might expect from a coffeeshop with such tradition, there is a wide range of weed, ranging from more light-hearted, outdoor activity-oriented weed, to the strongest dank stuff straight outta the West Coast of the United States.

Away from the tourist strip, Het Ballonnetje is located in a chill historical area with a lot of greenery. There’s also a diverse range of tea and cold drinks, so do expect to spend some time there enjoying the ambience.

8. Coffeeshop Relax: Jordaan’s finest weed in a cosy setting

This one is another classic coffeeshop of Amsterdam. Located in a homely venue in the famous Jordaan neighbourhood of Amsterdam, Coffeeshop Relax is a mere five-minute walk from Central Station.

Have you visited the Jordan neighbourhood before? Image: Kevers/Depositphotos

This coffeeshop has also won prizes for its quality product, such as first place in the ‘Highlife Cup’ in 2019.

Inside you’ll find your typical weed and hash products, alongside espressos and other coffee varieties, soft drinks, tea and various freshly-baked pastries, and of course, you can go have a seat when there’s an important football game playing. What’s there not to love?

📍 Where to find it: Binnen Oranjestraat 9, 1013 HZ Amsterdam (for the centre), and Vechtstraat 9, 1078 RE Amsterdam (for south Amsterdam)

9. Katsu Coffeeshop & Gallerie: right next to the brewery

Katsu Coffeeshop is in the heart of De Pijp, wedged between Albert Cuyp Markt and the Heineken Brewery.

Upon entering there’s a pretty irresistible feeling of relaxation.

No one’s rushing around fussing the little things, and simplicity is the name of the game. Coffee is coffee, the juice is a juice and Strawberry Kush is Strawbe— wait, Strawberry Kush?

That’s right, Katsu has some of the best strains, the prices are reasonable for the quantity and the atmosphere is nothing like the crowds of some tourist hotspots.

10. Barney’s Coffeeshop: to smoke weed in a historical landmark

Barney’s is a coffeeshop you go to if you wanna sit and take your time.

In fact, trust us on this one, Barney’s is almost synonymous with Amsterdam.

Housed in a 500-year-old landmark building on Haarlemmerstraat, you can enjoy old-school Amsterdam vibes in one of the most trendy spots in town.

This coffeeshop is also the recipient of multiple “High Times Cup” awards so yes — the quality is prima. ☘️🏆

11. The Point Coffeeshop: for a unique strain

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, don’t miss The Point. This coffeeshop in Amsterdam is a must-visit, purely because they will actually ask you “how are you doing?”

Yes, it’s strange to think coffeeshops are anti-social but damn, ever get weed off a guy that’s not smiling?

That’s why we love The Point so much, Jeff and Daniel — the guys behind the counter — are super nice and will steer you in the right direction for the sort of high you’re after.

Weed in the Netherlands comes in many different forms and strains. Image: Add Weed/Unsplash

The Point is like the quiet achiever of Amsterdam, they produce their own strain, they called it “The Point Special,” and it is better than anything you’ve ever smoked in Amsterdam* (study conducted in a totally non-scientific way).

Relaxing, even soothing, and if you have joint pain or stomach cramps it’s a perfect remedy. The Point Special is a strain to talk about.

12. Easy Times Coffeeshop: great for the first-timers

If you’re making a list right now then you better just add this one straight on.

Let’s say you have a Sunday to spare and the afternoon is dragging out. It’s 1 PM but it feels like 5 PM, well since you’re not otherwise encumbered — a visit to Easy Times could reinvigorate your day.

A great experience if this is your first time smoking, and you’ve escaped to Amsterdam to try it. The staff are patient with everyone and help you make an informed decision.

They have some astonishing G-13 Amnesia Haze, loved by growers and smokers alike for its aroma, taste and lofty high.

📍 Where to find it: Prinsengracht 476, 1017 KG Amsterdam

13. Coffeeshop Pacific: for the dog lovers

A great place for smoking that’s not so dim and dreary inside, Coffeeshop Pacific has a lot of natural light and it’s kind of reminiscent of a beach house thanks to its summery colour scheme.

This coffeeshop has a dog called Seven, he might bark at first but will settle down soon after you enter.

The guy that mans the bar has been doing it for years, the place has some chill music, an open-air feel, and plenty of seating.

14. Coffeeshop Papillion: a coffeeshop to be free

This is an Amsterdam coffeeshop where it’s worth staying longer than usual. Papillion” loosely translated from French as “butterfly,” is a perfect spot to sit outside for a smoke on a hot evening in summer.

A family business that’s been around since the 80s, this coffeeshop has a hella comfy lounge area, killer sound system, and even have two employees that are solely responsible for the quality of the weed stocked.

15. Paradox: damn delicious space cakes

This is one for lovers of all things weed and all things edible.

If it’s your first time trying a “space cake” or an edible, the Paradox staff will be nice enough to walk you through what to expect. You can also find some nice hash and the prices are really fair.

If you want to avoid spending too much on weed when you first get to Amsterdam, Paradox is a safe bet. The further out of the centre you go, the cheaper the weed tends to be.

16. Coffeeshop Get Down To It: a crowd favourite

As you wind and weave your way through Amsterdam’s streets, you’ll find the much-loved Coffeeshop Get Down To It — which is large enough to bring the whole gang.

Previously known as The Internet Cafe Coffeeshop, Get Down To It have a great venue and a great vibe within, and they’re only minutes from the long lines at The Bulldog nearby.

Skip the queue, roll up, and then escape for a “trip” to the nearby Vondelpark or the market.

17. The Original Dampkring: now a major motion picture

Can’t have an article about the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam without this one can we?

A lot of rappers have been known to frequent these coffeeshops in Amsterdam (Snoop, G-Eazy, YG), and this particular spot even appeared in the film Oceans 12.

Now let’s talk business: Dampkring is home to an extensive list of weed strains. The staff is accustomed to people being aghast at the selection.

They have two bars, one for shakes and juices and assorted snacks, the other for weed. Customers are either just vibing to some great music or playing cards, passing around the weed-chart.

Long story short, it has major vibes, and it even has a cat so if you order a tea it might steal your milk. 🐈

📍 Where to find it: Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM Amsterdam

The Coffeeshop Info Centre Amsterdam: for questions about smoking weed in Amsterdam

Let’s say that this list is a bit overwhelming to your senses and you would like a bit more info before commencing rolling a blunt. Well then, The Coffeeshop Info Centre will satisfy all your curiosities.

Want to know more about smoking weed in Amsterdam? Questions about weed itself? Or perhaps you want to know more about the legislation of weed and other soft drugs in the Netherlands?

Whatever you need, the Coffeeshop Info Centre has the answers to your questions. Wat handig! (How handy!)

What to do after visiting some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is full of surprises, most of which are within walking distance of one another.

You can culture-up and visit a museum, there are plenty of those around. If the sun is out, get some shades on, take your shoes off and kick back in the grass somewhere and put a few drops of CBD oil into your coca-cola in order to feel extra relaxed.

Or perhaps you want to ramp up the evening and experience a mild trip on some truffles? They are legal in the Netherlands and can be bought from smartshops (NB: these are different to coffeeshops). Make sure you read up on the effect they have before you take them though!

If you want to just grab a joint and then meet friends at another bar, bear in mind that there are still some smoking-friendly bars in Amsterdam. Your friends can drink and you can smoke — best of both worlds!

Where are your favourites coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Tell us about your smoke-filled adventures in our Facebook group!

Feature Image: rossandhelen/Depositphotos
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2019, but got the full treatment in January 2022 to bring you the most up to date information.

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  1. A great list, much appreciated. Its too easy to end up finding a “fav” coffeeshop and end up just going there the whole time your in this great world city. Now I have the excuse to try more of those further afield.

    Also, other Dutch cities have some excellent and sociable coffeeshops. What about a list and discussion of those? Many thanx again.

  2. De Kade on Stadionkade has the best edibles! Great flower, merch and friendly staff too. Definitely worth a visit.


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