19 best coffeeshops in Amsterdam: the best spots to smoke in 2021

What are the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam? Whether you’re into your Indicas or Sativas, bricks of hash, coffee shops around Amsterdam also offer weaker strains like Jamaica or Thai or you’re looking for some Northern Lights – where better to start your journey than with our guide to the best coffee shops in Amsterdam?

So where should you smoke weed in Amsterdam?

Okay, guys let’s get Amsterdamned, no need to play into stereotypes about tourists, keep it neat lads.

Remember to smoke responsibly, no need to put yourself up against the Seth Rogen’s, the Snoop Dogg’s, Willie Nelson’s or Wiz Khalifa’s of the world. You don’t just walk into one of these and say in plain English “gimme a pack of weed reds”. The challenge? Finding the 12 best coffee shops in Amsterdam. The cremè de la cremè of cannabis, the gauntlet of ganja, throw some tunes on, roll a fat spliff and enjoy.

In Amsterdam, White Widow is probably the first strain you’ll see on a coffee shop menu (it’s good but it’s basic). It’s kind of over-produced, making the effects less consistent. Some stores might have the word ‘bio’ in front of the strain and it’s not actually a marketing gimmick. It shows that they’ve really put effort into how that strain was cultivated and it will show.

Amsterdam is a densely populated city with an electric sort of hum that you get leaving the local coffee shop. As the rest of the world seems to spiral into a crazier dystopia every waking day Amsterdam remains a place that’s got vibes for days, it’s easy enough to unwind before smoking anything. Having said that, what’s our first destination?


#1 Boerejongens

Boerejongens is a favourite among the ‘Amsterdammers’. They have four locations throughout Amsterdam and you can recognize their shops because of their classy interior with a lot of marble, wood and brass golden details. Truly different than the grizzly dark coffeeshops in Amsterdam of the past.

best spots to smoke Amsterdam
A chill corner from where to buy weed in Amsterdam.

You’re welcomed by a host with bowler hat (they’ve gone for that peaky blinders look) and the trained staff will help you out choosing your products. Boerejongens sells some of the best weed, hash and space cake (called spacetry, like pastry, get it?) in Amsterdam for a fair price. Their weed menu boasts lots of different weed types and they’ve got some fine Amsterdam Genetics hashish there!

fancy weed smoke Amsterdam
Who wouldn’t want some weed in this fancy venue in Amsterdam?

Utrechtsestraat 21, 1017 VH Amsterdam

Tip: Visit their newest location in the Sloterdijk area on Humberweg 2!

#2 Coffeeshop Amsterdam (Formerly know as Dampkring 2)

Coffeeshop Amsterdam (formerly known as Dampkring 2, still the same owner) is as famous as it is popular throughout the region. Without a doubt, this is partly due to its great music and atmosphere.

nice spot Amsterdam smoke weed
A chill ambience to roll those spliffs in Amsterdam.

Coffeeshop Amsterdam has an extremely diverse smoker’s menu available, with great strains to suit any taste. Prices are fair, especially in terms of the high-quality products served, and the CoffeeshopAmsterdam special cakes are regarded by some as the best in town. With loads of experience and a fine reputation, CoffeeshopAmsterdam has become a true authority in the Amsterdam coffeeshop scene.

best place weed smoke Amsterdam
A historic venue for all of your weed-smoking needs in Amsterdam.

Doesn’t hurt that the CoffeeshopAmsterdam is just a few minutes away from Amsterdam Central Station. It has everything you need to spend hours just relaxing and enjoying fine cannabis products. Be sure to bring your friends, as the three-storey venue’s spacious and stylish interior can accommodate 90 people.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 44, 1013 ES Amsterdam

Elon Musk smokes a spliff on Joe Rogan, claims the weed ain’t really hittin’ like that

#3 Tweede Kamer Coffeeshop

De Tweede Kamer is a coffeeshop with roots in the history of the Dutch cannabis culture. Founded in 1985, back when Dutch cannabis regulations were quite a novelty for the world, the name ‘Tweede Kamer’ is a playful reference to the Dutch Parliament which carries the same name.

top 10 coffeeshops Amsterdam weed
Gotta love the vintage decor. Peaky Blinders with blunts anyone?

De Tweede Kamer was the first coffeeshop to start weighing and packaging products in front of the customers back in the day. This allowed customers to see, feel, and smell the quality of the wares, in the spirit of openness and transparency that still serves as the shop’s philosophy.

elegant weed smoke amsterdam
A wooden feel to your weed-smoking habits.

Word on the street is that the dedicated staff won’t sell anything they wouldn’t smoke themselves, and this ongoing quest for quality is evident in the extensive cannabis menu.
This coffee shop in Amsterdam is a testament to the genuine smoker’s culture, with an intimate and cosy feel (gezellig!). Local smokers visit regularly, so for an old school quality smoking experience, De Tweede Kamer is the place to visit!

Location: Heisteeg 6, 1012 WC Amsterdam

#4 The Stud

The Stud has been around for quite some time, exactly since 1982. It’s in a small but cute locale, with an open and friendly atmosphere, and you can find both tourists and locals alike, creating a funky ambience. You can also go there just to have a coffee, read a magazine or have a chat. They were awarded the title of ‘best coffeeshop in the Netherlands’ in 2015.

If you are really into their vibe, you can even buy merchandise and clothing from them, ever since 2016!

Location: Molukkenstraat 581, 1095 BJ Amsterdam

#5 Voyagers

This one is unique as coffeeshops go, and well-suited for tourists, as they have a small hotel right above the coffeeshop! You can find a wide range of weed strains from Indica to Sativa, as well as edibles. It’s also one of the few coffeeshops around who has a different area for those who smoke their joints pure (only with weed), separated from those who smoke weed combined with tobacco. The prices are good and the staff is friendly, so let us know what your experience is.

Location: Geldersekade 2HS, 1012 BH Amsterdam

#6 Het Ballonnetje

This coffeeshop is another old-timer for the connoisseurs, opening all the way back in 1978. It’s located right across from the University of Amsterdam, so if you are a student there, you might be interested to go for a chill session post-study. As you might expect from a coffeeshop with such tradition, there is a wide range of weed, ranging from more light-hearted, outdoor activity-oriented weed, to the strongest dank stuff straight outta the West Coast of the United States.

It’s located in an otherwise chill historical area with a lot of greenery. There’s also a diverse range of tea and cold drinks, so do expect to spend some time there enjoying the ambience.

Location: Roetersstraat 12, 1018 WD Amsterdam, NL

#7 Relax

This one is another classic coffeeshop of Amsterdam.  Located in a homely venue in the famous Joordan neighborhood of Amsterdam, it is located a mere 5-minute walk by foot from the Central Station.

This coffeeshop has also won prizes for its quality product, such as first place in the ‘Highlife Cup’ in 2019. Inside you will find your typical weed and hash products, alongside espressos and other coffee varieties, soft drinks, tea and various freshly-baked pastries, and of course, you can go have a seat when there’s an important football game playing. What’s there not to love?

Location: Oranjestraat 9, 1013 HZ Amsterdam (for the centre)

Vechtstraat 9, 1078 RE Amsterdam (for south Amsterdam)

#8 Johnny

Coffeeshop Johnny is also located in the Jordan quarter of Amsterdam, and was established back in 1991. Started as a hobby by its owners, it has now developed into a fully-fledged business.

The staff is very passionate about this magic plant, and they’ll cater to all of your needs and questions. Inside, they have a digital screen showcasing all the different strains of weed and hash and everything in between, from grinders and pipes to just general merchandise.

Location: Elandsgracht 3, 1016 TM Amsterdam

#9 Katsu Coffeeshop & Gallerie

This coffee shop is in the heart of De Pijp, wedged between Albert Cuyp Markt and the Heineken Brewery. Upon entering there’s a pretty irresistible feeling of happiness, relaxation. No one’s rushing around fussing the little things, in a lot of ways it improves on what most cafes fail to do eg: let a simple thing be simple. Coffee is coffee, the juice is a juice and Strawberry Kush is Strawbe- wait, Strawberry Kush?

That’s right, Katsu has some of the best strains, the prices are reasonable for the quantity and it’s nothing like the overcrowded atmosphere of the Bulldog or Amnesia (although both of those have quality strains too).

Location: Eerste v/d Helststraat 70, 1072 NZ, Amsterdam

#10 Barney’s Coffee shop

Barney’s is a coffee shop you go if you wanna sit and take your time, they have a couple of other great cafes. Trust us on this one, Barney’s is almost synonymous with Amsterdam. Barney’s are the recipients of multiple “High Times Cup” awards. The coffee shop is located in a 500-year-old landmark building on Haarlemmerstraat, it’s been running for 23 plus years now and had extensive renovations.

Location: Haarlemmerstraat 102, 1013 EW Amsterdam

#11 The Point Coffee shop

If you’re visiting Amsterdam, don’t miss The Point.

The 12 Best Coffeeshops in Amsterdam
The Point ranks high on our list of the 13 best coffee shops in Amsterdam

The Point is a must-visit, purely because they will actually ask you “how are you going?”. It’s strange to think coffee shops are anti-social but damn, ever get weed off a guy that’s not smiling? That’s just waiting for you to choose without saying anything… It sucks. That’s why I love The Point so much, Jeff and Daniel, the guys behind the counter are super nice and will steer you in the right direction for the sort of high you’re after.

To elaborate The Point is like the quiet achiever of Amsterdam, they produce their own strain, they called it “The Point Special” it is better than anything you’ve ever smoked in Amsterdam* (study conducted in a totally non-scientific way). Relaxing, even soothing, and if you have joint pain or stomach cramps it’s a perfect remedy. The Point Special is a strain to talk about.

The Point is tucked away in the East, you’ll have to look for it but once you find it you’ll be glad you did. It’s around the corner from Bar Bukowski, Go visit them!

Location: Derde Oosterparkstraat 73, 1091JV Amsterdam

#12 420 Coffee shop

There are a few locations but this 420 coffee shop is the nicest. I love spots with a lot of foot traffic around it, but not so much crowding inside it. It lets you feel like you’re on your own hazy island while the world turns. A lot of people love this place for its open-air feel, its kind staff, and its not-too-central placement. Pricing is modest, their pre-rolls are pretty good and you won’t be stuck in line for ten minutes. You’ve got a bunch of really nice surrounding shops and scenery once you leave the 420 coffee shop.

One other thing, this particular 420 coffee shop is ten meters from the best cookie on Earth. The good people at Van Stapele have cracked the recipe to an incredibly gooey chocolate cookie. Head there too and thank us later. Try not to stumble into too many cyclists.

Location: Heisteeg 4-8, 1012 WC Amsterdam

Not satisfied yet? Let’s explore more of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam!


#13 Easy Times Coffeeshop

If you’re making a list right now then we better just get right to it. Let’s say you have a Sunday to spare and the afternoon is dragging out. It’s 1 pm but it feels like 5 pm, well since you’re not otherwise encumbered – a visit to Easy Times could reinvigorate your day.

A great experience if this is your first time smoking, and you’ve escaped to Amsterdam to try it. The staff is patient with everyone and helps you make an informed decision. Great atmosphere and music don’t hurt either. They have some astonishing G-13 Amnesia Haze, loved by growers and smokers alike for its aroma, taste and lofty high.

Reach those heights, you know.

Location: Prinsengracht 476, 1017 KG Amsterdam

I can practically feel the sun on my face as we continue down our list, the grail of ganja, here are some more of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam…

#14 Coffeeshop Pacific

A great place for smoking that’s not so dim and dreary inside, it has a lot of natural light and it’s kind of reminiscent of a beach house thanks to its Summery colour-scheme.

This coffee shop has a dog called “Seven”, he might bark at first but will settle down soon after you enter. The guy that man’s the bar has been doing it for years, the place has some chill music, an open-air feel, bright colours and plenty of seating.

If we’re looking for something extra special we’ll find Northern Lights at a competitive price, you can visit places like Crash Light in Oost for even cheaper Northern Lights. located in the backstreets near the sprawling parks at Museumplein, it’s a hidden gem.

One drawback of this coffee shop is that they don’t card here, it’s cash only.

Location: Balthasar Floriszstraat 10, 1071 VC Amsterdam

#15 Cafe Papillion

Check the butterfly on the exterior, this one is well worth a visit. The music might not be your taste sometimes but hey, it’s a vibe. It’s worth staying longer than usual, remember to take your time with the coffee shops. Be selective with your choices, mix strains and experiment.

“Papillion” loosely translated from French as “butterfly”, is a perfect spot to sit outside for a smoke on a hot evening in summer. On a sunny day, it is here you want to find yourself.

Location: Van der Helstplein 8, 1072 PH Amsterdam

#16 Paradox

This is one for lovers of all things weed and all things edible. If it’s your first time trying a “space cake” or an edible the staff will be nice enough to walk you through what to expect. You can also find some nice hash and the prices are really fair. To avoid spending too much on weed when you first get to Amsterdam Paradox is a safe bet. The further out of the center you get the cheaper the weed tends to be.

This one will leave you kind of gobsmacked if you’re smoking in. You might need a pair of shades to even take to the streets.

#17 The Internet Cafe & Coffeeshop (get down on it)

As you wind and weave your way through Amsterdam’s streets you will find the Internet Coffeeshop that’s large enough to bring the whole gang. Look for the @ symbol, then you’ll know you’ve found it. They have a great venue and a great vibe within, roll up at The Internet Cafe while your lunch is being made.

There are plenty of coffee shops surrounding The Internet Cafe but The Bulldog gets crowded by tourists and the staff tends to encourage takeaway to keep up with them. To help you skip what would normally be a ten-minute queue in the city, the Internet Cafe’s service is preferable. Their music is always great and its location is perfect for rolling one up then escaping to Vondelpark or market.

Location: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 77, 1017 PW Amsterdam

#18 The Original Dampkring

best weed to smoke Amsterdam
Step into this magic decor for some great weed in Amsterdam.

Can’t have an article about the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam without this one can we? A lot of rappers have been known to frequent these coffeeshops in Amsterdam (Snoop, G-Eazy, YG), this particular spot appeared in the film Oceans 12 (you know, that film with an all-star cast).

Now let’s talk chronic, Dampkring is home to an extensive list of weed strains. The staff is accustomed to people being aghast at the selection. Customers aren’t allowed to wear hats inside, simply for safety and security – making sure no one is too gacked. They have two bars, one for shakes and juices and assorted snacks, the other for weed. Customers are either just vibing to some great music or playing cards, passing around the weed-chart. Long story short, it’s vibes, it even has a cat so if you order a tea it might steal your milk, lovely little feline friend though (maybe not if you’re allergic).

Another thing, 14-16 euros for a gram of great weed is the price they set. There are some for 12 but spend what you think is right for you, we’re assuming we came to smoke and if it’s your first day in Amsterdam it’s worth checking out.

Location: Handboogstraat 29, 1012 XM Amsterdam

#19 The Coffeeshop Info Centre Amsterdam

Let’s say that this list is a bit overwhelming to your senses and you would like a bit more info before commencing rolling a blunt.

Well then, The Coffeeshop Info Centre will satisfy all your curiosities. Want to know more about the coffeeshops of Amsterdam? They got your back. Questions about weed itself? Want to know more about the legislation of weed and other soft drugs in the Netherlands? The info centre is the place to be.

Location: Prins Hendrikkade 10, 1012 TK Amsterdam

What to do after visiting some of the best coffeeshops in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is full of surprises, most of which are within walking distance of one another. With so much to do and see, maybe make a list before you smoke.

Maybe stuff your face with pancakes at Mook, ya mook. Or why not check out Little Collins cafe (a homage to Melbourne coffee expertise). Maybe culture-up and visit a museum, there are enough of those around. If the sun is out, get some shades on, take your shoes off and kick back in the grass somewhere and put a few drops of CBD oil into your coca-cola in order to feel extra relaxed.

Or perhaps you want to ramp up the evening and experience a mild trip on some truffles? They are legal in the Netherlands and can be bought from smartshops (NB: these are different to coffeeshops). Make sure you read up on the effect they have before you take them though!

If you want to just grab a joint and then meets at another bar, bear in mind that there are still some smoking-friendly bars in the Amsterdam. Your friends can drink and you can smoke – best of both worlds!



Where are your favourites? What are some memories you’ve made at the coffee shops around Amsterdam? Tell us about your smoke-filled adventures in our Facebook group!

Feature Image: Pixabay/Edited
Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in March 2019, but got the full treatment in February 2020 to bring you the most up to date information.

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  1. A great list, much appreciated. Its too easy to end up finding a “fav” coffeeshop and end up just going there the whole time your in this great world city. Now I have the excuse to try more of those further afield.

    Also, other Dutch cities have some excellent and sociable coffeeshops. What about a list and discussion of those? Many thanx again.


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