3 reasons to visit the Night of Art & Science in Leiden

Leiden might be a small and cute student town but it doesn’t mean nothing happens, quite the contrary! All year round events take place in Leiden, and we decided to draw your attention to the Night of Art & Science!

The Night is one of the biggest cultural festivals in South Holland and last year it attracted about 5500 visitors. On the 16th of September, this Saturday, the historic centre of Leiden will transform itself in a giant stage for the third time in a row: theater, music, lectures, experiments, dance, film, etc. More than 100 acts will be spread over 9 locations.

DutchReview will be there, that’s for sure, and we hope you too. But if you need some encouragements, here are 3 reasons to visit the Night:

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1. Leiden is the oldest university town of the Netherlands

Did you know that Leiden is the oldest university town in the Netherlands? The university was founded in 1575 by William, the Prince of Orange, and has kept its close relationship with the royal family since then: Queens Juliana and Beatrix, and King Willem-Alexander are all former students of the University. Prime ministers and leaders also studied there, such as current Prime Minister Mark Rutte. Famous scientists, philosophers and other figures studied or taught at the University: Albert Einstein, René Descartes, Rembrandt… The list is long!

Leiden wouldn’t be the same without the University, and the perfect opportunity to pay tribute the important role of the University in the fields of science and knowledge.

Night of Art & Science

2. A chance to visit the Leiden Observatory

The 100 acts will be spread over 9 locations and it is the perfect opportunity to see some of Leiden’s most beautiful buildings: the Academiegebouw, the Leidse Schouwburg or the Oude Sterrenwacht (Old Observatory). The latter is a real gem and definitely worth the visit! The construction of the observatory started in 1633, which makes it the oldest (still existing) university’s observatory in the world. It was first used for educational purposes, and at the end of the 19th century, the observatory and Leiden became renowned internationally thanks to famous scientists such as H.A. Lorentz, P. Zeeman, and H. Kamerlingh Onnes. Through the years Leiden astronomers played an important role in research and discovery.

Night of Art & Science
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The observatory was used as such until the early 1970s, when the astronomy institute was moved to the Wassenaarseweg, north of the city. The buildings have since been renovated and today you can admire a truly amazing architecture, accordingly to its glorious past! Tours of the Observatory are organised during the evening, don’t miss the chance to visit it!

3. Fun and odd acts to experiment

The programme of the Night offers diverse acts from music to film, from dance to theater, and it might be hard to find your way around it, so we picked some of the best scenes we don’t want to miss. Enjoy!

Night of Art & Science
Pic by Ruben van Vliet

Discovering how animals see the world

If you’ve always wanted to know how animals see the world, you may want to stop by the Night of Arts and Sciences! Through the wonders of VR, you’ll be able to look through the eyes of animals, as well as some scientific spectrums such as infrared. Or maybe you’d just like to know how the planet looks from the International Space Station? Because this too will be possible next saturday!

A Crash Course in Quantum Mechanics 

For those of you who have grown bored with regular old mechanics, why not take a crash course in Quantum Mechanics? Dr. Julia Cramer will be giving an extended lecture on the subject, providing a look into a world very few of us know anything about. She’ll also be talking about advancements in the field of quantum computers. The future is now, so why not learn something today?

Human Trafficking in the Digital Age

Looking to dive into the dark side of the digital age? Prof. dr. Mirjam van Reisen, Prof. Dr. Munyaradzi Mawere  and Prof. dr. Kinfe Abraha will be giving an interesting lecture on how innovation influences the practice of Human Trafficking. While you may have already gotten the gist of the downsides from Liam Neeson, it may well be worth it to learn more about this horrific industry. You can always drown your sorrows later in the night!


Tickets are available on the Night of Arts and Science website. You can also buy a ticket at the Ticketing Office on the Pieterskerkplein on the night of the 16th of September!

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