Art and talent: checking out Gallery Sorelle Sciarone in The Hague

Also into art and culture? Or giving a platform to talented and creative youngsters? We here at DutchReview are and when we stumbled upon the Gallery Sorelle Sciarone, we just had to give it a mention.

What is Gallery Sorelle Sciarone?

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone is an online gallery aiming to bridge the gap between artist and the wider public. The name comes from ‘sorelle’ meaning ‘sisters’ in Italian and ‘Sciarone’ the family name composing of six sisters. So this gallery really is a family affair and has that personal touch.

The founders of the gallery are based in the region of Voorschoten (a cute village here in the Netherlands, people from The Hague and Leiden will know) and their current focus is on artists in that region, along with Wassenaar and cities in the Randstad, such as Leiden, Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague. They’re inspired by their mother, who is an artist herself and has been painting for many years and has witnessed firsthand the changing nature of the market of art. Therefore, Gallery Sorelle Sciarone aims to give that platform to talented artists who want to exhibit their art.

So what’s there to see? Let’s look at some of the works and artists on display:

6 great artists showcased by Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

1. Adéle du Plessis

Adéle’s art comprises of textured backgrounds and broad brush strokes. These ultimately create impressive artforms, with small detailing. She creates sculptures and makes her own jewellery. She’s a popular artist in The Hague and you can see why.

You’ll be able to see her exhibition in the Museum Rijswijk for the textile biennale, Rijswijk.  So don’t miss out!

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

2. Els Kampert

Els her work is called ‘Dendritic design’, which comprises growth patterns in nature. This is essentially a mix of her artistic skill mixed with organic patterns in nature such as tree branches, rivers and human lungs. Her patterns remind us of the movement of nature and can change depending on our mood.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

3. Gemma Jonker

Gemma’s art comprises of figurative and abstract works. She studied art in The Hague and has since been busy creating art forms. Gallery Sorelle Sciarone has a selection of her great landscape art.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

4. Marko Klomp

Marko is based in The Hague and is a talented painter and poet. His work creates a ‘dreamlike state’ and changes depending on the viewer’s mood and the lighting. He regularly exhibits his work in the Netherlands.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

5. Monique Leliefeld

Monique’s work is to evoke emotion for the viewer. Her technique is with texture and different stratification and each of her pieces aims to bring about some sort of emotive response.

She was originally a geographer but later trained to become an art teacher in the Netherlands. Along with her students, her work has evolved over the years.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

6. Denise van der Burgh

Denise’s work is very vibrant in colour. She uses oil paint to achieve this, along with a masterful technique. Her work portrays life and social issues, so it’s really thought-provoking. All of these elements gel together and provide a fantastic piece of emotional art that draws the viewer in and make them start asking all of those important questions.

Gallery Sorelle Sciarone
Source: Gallery Sorelle Sciarone

All of these great artists have their work available through Gallery Sorelle Sciarone. Click here for more info and to visit their website!

Emma Brown
Emma Brown
A familiar face at DutchRevew. Emma arrived in Holland in 2016 for a few weeks, fell in love with the place and never left. Here she rekindled her love of writing and travelling. Now you'll find her eating stroopwafels in the DutchReview office since 2017.


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