King’s Day in The Hague: What events are happening in 2020?

Things to do on King’s Day in The Hague in 2020 (and yes, we didn’t leave out King’s Night)

Feel like celebrating King’s Day in The Hague this year, but you’re not sure what there is to do? Well, don’t worry cause we’ve got you covered! Thankfully you don’t have to go all the way to Amsterdam for a proper King’s Day party. There are plenty of events happening in the good old city of The Hague, and here are a few of them.

Before King’s Day, there is King’s Night: The Life I Live Festival in The Hague

Everyone in Holland knows that the pre-party is just as important as the actual b-day party! That is why every year on the 26th of April The Hague hosts the best King’s Night festival. This musical event is a big open-air festival where numerous bands and DJ’s perform on different stages all through the night. This King’s Night festival can satisfy the taste of even the most pretentious music snobs! And do you want to know the best part? It’s for free! And there are plenty more…

Other King’s day events in The Hague in 2020:

  1. The Life I Live Festival, King’s Night – This festival has a bit for everyone: hip-hop, hard rock, funk, electronic, dance and indie-pop. So it’s good to go to if you want to please all your friends at once. Location: The Hague 

2. The Life I Live Festival, King’s Day – This festival has a bit for everyone: hip-hop, hard rock, funk, electronic, dance and indie-pop. So it’s good to go to if you want to please all your friends at once. Location: The Hague 

3.  Happy Feelings at the Beach, King’s Night– Celebrate the King’s Night by the beach! Location: The Hague

4. Kingsworld – A festival for all tastes! These include house, urban, Latin, Dutch and rap. Location: The Hague

5. The Hague – Kingsnight – An event filled with many different genres including RnB, hip-hop, trap, pop, house, deep house, techno, classics and disco. Location: The Hague

King’s Day in The Hague: Things to do with children on King’s day in 2020

Because kids need to celebrate too 😉

After King’s Night, it’s time to celebrate King’s Day (that’s on the 27th of April, in case you lost track). Once you have sobered up from the night before, get ready to drink some more! But first, you should probably cater to the children in the family (or maybe your inner child?). Like every year there is a funfair on the Malieveld and Frederik Hendrikplein. You can enjoy some snacks, candy, creepy clones, and a roller-coaster ride. Because the best way to get over a hangover is by eating sugary junk food and instigate motion sickness.

If you’re in a shopping mood then you’re in luck, because there are plenty of flea markets in several neighborhoods around The Hague. Scattered throughout the city there are flea markets at the Denneweg, Frederik Hendriklaan and Thomsonlaan. If you’re in luck, you can also run into some neighborhood parties while shopping. And the best part is that King’s Day is probably the only day when bargaining for a good price is considered acceptable. So go to that flea market and get yourself a good korting!

King's Day in The Hague
Flea markets + dress in orange = ultimate King’s day | Image: ekentir/Flickr

And if you still have some juice in you after King’s Night and King’s Day, the party on the 27th goes on in The Hague until around midnight. There’s plenty of bars and street parties still catering to the most enthusiastic party-goers.

How will you be spending you’re King’s Day in The Hague? Let us know what other events you will be attending this year.

Also, are you new to The Netherlands and you need a crash course on what King’s Day really is? Then watch this video guide on what King’s Day really is all about!

Looking for more cities to explore on King’s day? We’ve got that covered!

Feature Image: RobVanDerMeijden/Pixabay


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