Fascinated by all things ‘alive’? This museum exhibit is for you

Get ready for some stunning art. ✨

Tilburg’s TextielMuseum has done it again: the unique museum of textiles is bringing us another fascinating exhibit! “Is it alive?” can be seen between 14 October 2023 and 7 April 2024!

What’s this all about, you ask? The simple answer: life! But of course, there’s much more to it. Let’s check it out. 👇

Is what alive?

Before you screech in fear, don’t worry, this isn’t some display about scary critters and crawlies — the artwork isn’t actually alive. 😉

“Is it alive?” is shown at Tilburg’s unique TextielMuseum, which, as the name suggests, centres around the world of textiles. The exhibition showcases fascinating textile artworks which are inspired by the processes and movements of nature. 

Photo of art installation "Is it alive?" in Tilburg exhibition at the TextileMuseum
Just look at this texture! Image: Morgan O’Donovan/TextielMuseum

One of the exhibit’s artists, Lonneke Gordijn from DRIFT, tells the curators that “if you look closely at how things in nature are constructed — it’s so complicated and so logical — it makes you wonder if nature is not the high-tech part in our world.”

It’s exactly this premise that’s at the heart of “Is it alive?”, which brings textiles to life with the use of fascinating modern technologies. 

The result? A unique exhibition that combines innovation, textiles, technology and art. 🍃

I’m intrigued, tell me more! 

Curious about what you can actually see during this exhibition? Let’s have a look at what awaits you.

The centrepiece of the exhibit is a piece called “I am Storm” by the artistic duo DRIFT, made up of Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta. 

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This new installation is making its premiere during “Is it alive?”, and consists of some 20 larger-than-life-size stems that bounce in the imaginary wind. 🌬️

On top of that, the TextielMuseum will showcase spectacular “living architecture” by Philip Beesley, interactive works by Bart Hess, and the impressive works of fashion designer Iris van Herpen, as well as Tanja Smeets.

More than art — dive into the research

The artworks displayed during the “Is it alive?” exhibit are not your average pieces of art. 

In fact, there’s plenty of scientific research that went into them, and each piece is as innovative as it is fascinating. 

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Parts of the technique behind the “I am storm” installation, for example, are the result of intricate research conducted by the TextielMuseum’s very own textile lab. 

A lot of time goes into each woven structure. Image: Tommy de Lange/TextielMuseum

Similarly, Philip Beesley’s prototype of the “Poietic Veil Tilburg” was created in collaboration with the renowned TU Delft. It’s the glorious result of the collaborative research effort between the artist and students from the university. Heel impressive!

Want to learn more about this unique making-of process? Dat kan! 

Yup, “Is it alive?” not only showcases the artworks themselves but also takes visitors through their process of creation — “revealing that artists are sometimes inventors and can drive innovation”.

 Curious to see this unique art exhibition yourself? Here’s all you need to know:

📍 Where? At the TextielMuseum, at Goirkestraat 96 in Tilburg.

⏰ When? From 14 October 2023 until 7 April 2024!

🔎 How? You can get your tickets online. 👩‍💻

We’ll see you there! 👋

What are you most excited to see at the TextielMuseum? Tell us in the comments!

Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
Lyna Meyrer 🇱🇺
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