Dutch Quirk #13: Be innovative (and not be shy about it) 

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The Dutch have been well-known for their innovative spirit for centuries, and they’re not about to change anytime soon! Why would they, when it gives them infinite amounts of (global) street cred? 

Distinctive architectural styles, orange carrots, the first modern atlas of the world, and Bluetooth — Dutch history is full of cool innovations! 

And their proud tradition continues in modern times, with new solutions and inventions seeming to pop up every other day. 🌱

What is it?

The Netherlands ranks as one of the top 10 most innovative countries in the world — impressive! 

They’ve been discovering things (*cue inappropriate colonialism joke*) since forever, and constantly look for new solutions to old as well as new problems. Just look at this impressive list of Dutch inventions

The Dutch are also extremely proud of their innovative history, and adventurous spirits. So don’t expect much humble-ness from the tall people in the tiny country of great inventions. 

Why do they do it?

Why do Dutch people innovate so much, compared to other countries? Your guess is as good as mine, but one can assume a few things. 

Some say the favourable work conditions existing in (countries like) the Netherlands facilitate just the sort of free thinking necessary to grow as an innovative nation. 💪🏽

The government has also been known for encouraging innovation, making the Netherlands a great country to be an entrepreneur! 

So, it’s no wonder the Dutch are so openly proud of their skills, they’re literally among the best innovators out there. 

Why is it quirky? 

Being good at innovation is not in itself particularly quirky. What is, however, is the attitude Dutch people have to their own skills. 

If you’ve been in the Netherlands for more than an hour or two, you must have picked up on the fact that Dutch people are not exactly known for being shy. So, it’s to be expected that they’re not particularly shy about being good innovators either. 👀

Should you join in? 

Innovation brings the world forward, so that’s definitely a Dutch characteristic worth adopting. 

When it comes to their bluntness, it should always be a balancing act: it’s okay to be proud, but maybe practice some humility too? 

What do you think of this Dutch quirk? Have you experienced it? Tell us in the comments below!

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Juni Moltubak
Juni Moltubak
Juni moved to the Netherlands after realizing how expensive tuition fees in the UK are, and never regretted her choice of studying in The Hague. After three years of Political Science, she is ready for a new adventure — an internship at DutchReview! When you don’t see her typing on her laptop she can be found strolling around Haagse Bos or sitting in her lovely garden scrolling through interior design TikToks.


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