Scenic views, city of Leiden, drone photography and a good amount of sunset shots. Prepare to feast your eyes on some awesome shots by Vincent Mullenders!

As you all know by now, as Dutchreview, we love good photos. Especially if they are photos of the Netherlands. That’s why it is no surprise that when we saw another batch of Vincent’s photos of Leiden taken with his drone, we just had to share it! Drone photography fans, Leiden lovers, gather around for another Dutchreview photo report!

*Vincent also published a book with some of his best shots of Leiden, more on that perfect Sinterklaas/Christmas gift later in this post

If you follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts, then you probably already came across some of the great photos taken by Vincent. Pretty much like this one:


Liked it? We thought so! So without dragging the subject, take a look at Vincent’s drone photography featuring Leiden from above!


Vincent Mullenders’ drone photos of Leiden

Sunsets over Leiden never disappoints
not a bad scene for an autumn day

The Leiden Observatory, one of the places you should put on your list!
Pieterskerk under the evening sun

And Last but Not Least,

Wait there’s more! If you love seeing Leiden, or if you are just into drone photography; you can now get your hands on Vincent’s book ‘Leiden van Boven (Leiden from above). It won’t just look awesome in your bookcase but also makes a great gift as well!

Don’t want to wait till your book arrives? Then you can find Vincent on Instagram or Facebook.


Oh, and to see more photo-reports like this one check these links out: We have one for many Dutch cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Scheveningen!





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