How does the Netherlands rank? 5 illuminating charts from Visual Capitalist

In an age of information, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. But, with the help of five illuminating charts from Visual Capitalist it gets a bit easier.

These awesome infographics display, in a simple way, massive amounts of data collected over the years. So how does the Netherlands rank?

To make sure you can keep up in the modern world, Visual Capitalist has created these awesome charts. Let’s take a closer look to see how the Netherlands ranks against other countries and shifting markets.

Population by country

Visual Capitalist Statistical Charts

What was the population of the Netherlands in 2018? A massive 17.1 million people. It’s good to have the raw figures because overpopulation is a jack-in-the-box that future generations are burdened with. Overpopulation could lead to such dire ultimatums as food shortages, drought, displacement, and climate migration. Here’s hoping the Netherlands doesn’t burst at the seams!

Corruption, how does the Netherlands rank?

So with 17.1 million people living in the Netherlands, a fair and just democracy is crucial to Dutch prosperity. How did the Dutch rank when it came to corruption?

If you thought Baudet slid into office via a relentless social-media campaign of Russian propaganda, you’re sadly mistaken. The Netherlands is one of the least corrupt nations in the developed world. The people have their voices heard frequently and change is slowly but steadily made to reflect that. Check out Visual Capitalist’s findings below!


Cities best positioned for “long-term success”

Amsterdam baby! Woo! That’s right, we ranked eighth on this list of cities best positioned for future success. Amsterdam has an absolutely thriving tech-sector, the secret is out. More and more foreign investment is a great indication that Amsterdam will develop and produce cutting edge technologies well into the future.


According to Visual Capitalist, “by investing in and leveraging their strengths in technology, physical and digital connectivity, quality of life and sustainability, these cities are positioned to maintain their performance into the future in this new competitive landscape”.

Electric vehicles sold per country

What percentage of the Dutch auto-industry is electric? Visual Capitalist created this chart to clarify the number of electric vehicles being sold within each country’s auto industry. The Netherlands, one of the most energy-progressive countries in the world, can boast that 6.7% of its auto sales in 2018 were electric vehicles.

Norway has taken massive strides to ensure that almost half of all sales are electric. Did Norway make it a law that half of all car sales must be electric? Nope, they simply made purchasing an electric vehicle too tempting an offer to refuse. All of Norway’s electric cars are exempt from all non-recurring vehicle fees, these include purchase taxes, which are extremely high for fuel-powered cars.


Adding to the fact that Amsterdam is an exceptionally future-ready city, for electronic vehicle sales to increase, a city’s entire power grid must also be ready. Let’s examine the Dutch population, a prime example of a 21st-century society adapting their energy consumption to the world’s delicate environmental imbalances today.

The Netherlands, at the beginning of 2018, was equipped with 750 “fast-charging” outlets along Dutch highways. This is in addition to approximately 25,000 public-access charging stations. The number of electric vehicles sold and driven on Dutch roads increased by 200% that year.

Urban or rural communities in the future?

Will the Netherlands flock to rural communities or become more urban by 2050? Visual Capitalist believes that the Netherlands will become more urbanized. An urban area, in this case, for the Netherlands, is considered to have 20,000 or more inhabitants.

Visual Capitalist

Well, that’s how the Netherlands ranks according to Visual Capitalist. Why does this website exist? In their own words, “Visual Capitalist exists for one reason – to help make this complex world a little easier to understand”.

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Feature Image: Zhivko/Pixabay

Jesse Rintoul
Jesse Rintoul
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