Hyperloop shows major promise for Schiphol airport

From Amsterdam to Berlin in just over an hour? That could seriously be a possibility by 2030, following more research on hyperloop possibilities in the Netherlands. 

Schiphol is under pressure at the moment, given how few flights are happening as a result of the coronavirus crisis. However, that isn’t stopping them from keeping an eye on the future. In collaboration with the Delft company Hardt Hyperloop, Schiphol has presented a study, which outlines the idea for a hyperloop train between the major cities of Western Europe.

The proposed infrastructure would connect Schiphol, Amsterdam and Eindhoven with Brussels, Paris, London, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Over time, it would aim to transport 12.5 million people per year.

Benefits for the planet and the airport

Apart from the sustainability benefits, Schiphol hopes the hyperloop would also benefit the airport itself, by decreasing overcrowding. The airport would then handle long-haul flights, allowing Schiphol to maintain its worldwide hub position. It would function as a gate to Europe.

Despite how sustainable and innovative this all sounds, it does come with some problems. “The hyperloop has the same disadvantages as the train compared to aviation,” says transport economist Albert Jan Swart of ABN Amro. “Major investments are required in fixed infrastructure, making construction costly and time consuming.” It’s also unlikely, he says, that governments will want to invest a lot while high-speed train technology already exists.

What are your thoughts on a hyperloop in Schiphol? Good idea or a waste of money? Let us know in the comments below.

Feature Image: Hardt.global 

Ailish Lalor
Ailish Lalor
Ailish was born in Sydney, Australia, but grew up by a forest in south-east Ireland, which she has attempted to replace with a living room filled with plants in The Hague. Besides catering to her army of pannenkoekenplantjes, Ailish spends her days convincing her friends that all food is better slightly burnt, plotting ways to hang out with dogs and cats, and of course, writing for DutchReview.


  1. I would like to see a start with a loop between Schiphol and other Dutch airports. EHBK can handle large widebody jets, EHEH is already pretty big in low cost and seasonal flights, EHRD is pretty close to Schiphol and can handle a 777, but I believe it has a curfew, and there have been talks about adding Lelystad to Schiphol to alleviate some pressure. I think connecting some of these airports will provide a big advantage for Schiphol compared to other big hub airports.


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