Coronavirus update: 11 die as the Netherlands passes 48,000 cases

The latest numbers for coronavirus in the Netherlands have been released. 

184 people have tested positive for coronavirus in the Netherlands over the past 24 hours. Although that’s a higher number than what we’ve been seeing over the past month or so, the increase is to be expected as more people get tested. This latest update brings us to a total of 48,087 cases of coronavirus in the Netherlands since the outbreak began.

The number of deaths and hospitalisations has remained low again, with 11 people passing away as a result of coronavirus over the past day. 5 people have been admitted to hospital with the virus.

Social policing in the times of coronavirus

The Dutch are an odd mix of rebelling against authority, and pressure to conform to the norm. From gentrification in architecture to oddly similar dressing styles, there is a certain need to conform, and this is ensured through wide-spread social control. It could be accusatory looks in the local Jumbo as you buy an eight-pack of toilet paper. Perhaps it’s grannies shouting ‘anderhalve meter!’ at you if you dare breathe in their direction. Or, being yelled at for walking outside with more than one person. No matter the form, social control is rampant in the Netherlands — and has only been amplified by the pandemic.

These are the “corona-free” regions of the Netherlands

Coronavirus is not affecting all regions of the Netherlands equally, as several municipalities have not had any new cases for over a month. There have been no confirmed cases of coronavirus in almost forty municipalities for over a month, especially in the north of the Netherlands. In the municipalities of Loppersum (Groningen) and Dantumadiel (Friesland), no corona was found for more than two months. No one has had coronavirus at all on the islands of Vlieland, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog since the Dutch outbreak began in March.

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Ailish Lalor
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