Inside the British School in the Netherlands’ newest campus 

The British School in the Netherlands (BSN) has recently opened a brand new, state-of-the-art senior school campus in Leidschenveen, just outside The Hague. 

The impressive new campus offers a unique opportunity for students to attend a single campus from their earliest years right up until graduating from the senior school. BSN is educating a whole range of leaders for tomorrow — all in one place.

The latest campus boasts a truly innovative design, and we talked with the people behind it to find out what it has to offer. The BSN’s Leidschenveen campus offers high-quality learning and activities in brand new facilities that are sure to inspire. 

The BSN staff provide loads of opportunities for personal growth and leadership, all within the British education system. If you’re considering an international school in the Netherlands for your child, you’ll absolutely want to read on about everything else the BSN can provide.

BSN students can attend the school from ages 3 — until graduation! Image: British School in the Netherlands

All-in-one education

The British School Leidschenveen campus is the first of the BSN campuses to house both a junior and senior school in combination with a private daycare centre (Zein Childcare’s The Willows). This allows the BSN to meet the needs of the very youngest children up to the senior students, all on one site.

Children can begin attending junior school from the Foundation Stage (age three) up to Year 6. Then, senior school starts at Year 7 (age 11). For students, this means a smooth transition between junior and senior school, along with consistent pastoral care and the opportunity to build lifelong friendships. Students grow up in an environment with teachers who have known them from a young age, who are still around on-site to support them throughout their education. 

New campus design with state-of-the-art facilities

This type of all-in-one learning environment is made possible by the BSN Leidschenveen’s stunning campus design. Not only do students get to enjoy learning in a brand new building, but they also benefit from the quality, results, and governance that comes from nearly a century of experience as a top international school.

BSN’s new senior school extension has added over 7,000 square metres to the existing 9,500+ square metres of facilities. It’s all intelligently designed, of course, including aspects that lend to a supportive learning environment, such as the latest thinking in flexible learning spaces. 

BSN’s Leidschenveen’s campus has the latest in innovative space design. Image: British School in the Netherlands

Since the BSN is shaping future leaders in sustainability, they make sure to practice what they preach regarding their infrastructure. The new campus additions at the senior school feature cradle to cradle design, ensuring that construction considers the entire life cycle of materials. The building incorporates many sustainable design elements, such as solar panels and ventilation with CO2 sensors, enhancing energy efficiency and using reusable or recyclable materials where possible. 

Excellent curriculum

It’s no surprise that the British School teaches the British Curriculum (English National Curriculum). For a bit of context, this curriculum is a standardised set of subjects and methods used for teaching. The BSN has adapted the standard curriculum used in England and Wales to meet the needs of students learning in an international environment. This curriculum is used in thousands of schools around the world so is very portable. 

Spacious and fully stocked. Image: British School in the Netherlands

The BSN’s commitment to providing high-quality British education extends to their new Leidschenveen campus, hosting a dedicated teaching staff with the latest knowledge on pedagogy and teaching principles. Children and students learn through practice and experience, supported by great teaching, innovative resources, and an international context. The curriculum focuses on shaping a new and exciting mindset of future leaders for a greener and more sustainable world and society.

Students are always encouraged to be creative in their thinking and they are expected to work hard. They graduate ready to enter the world’s leading universities of their choice. According to BSN, “It is this potent mix that makes us proud to be a leader in European international education – it’s this that makes the BSN ‘internationally British'”.

A supportive and welcoming community

The BSN Leidschenveen campus caters to the whole family on one campus. Planned interactions between junior and senior students add valuable depth to students’ learning. Parents too can take an active role in the BSN community, as part of the warm and welcoming Family Association — a group of parents who are ready and eager to help new arrivals settle into the Netherlands and school.

Students and parents in the first cohorts at the new campus will be in the unique position to offer input to shape the institution of today and tomorrow. “One of the great things about working and studying at a new campus is that you have a chance to play a role in shaping how that school develops,” says BSN Deputy Headteacher Duncan King. “This is a really exciting time to be joining the school and it is an extremely welcoming and open community for students and staff alike.”

A+ extracurriculars

Students are encouraged to play an active role in both the school and the wider community. The campus hosts a broad range of extracurricular activities that instil leadership and teamwork qualities, with opportunities to be a part of exciting activities like drama, gardening, cooking, and even a coding club. BSN’s extensive list of offerings might even make parents wish for a school do-over.

The BSN music room leaves little to be desired. Image: British School in the Netherlands

The school is also doing some exciting work on diversity and moving toward a new focus on multilingualism. For example, students have written, performed, and recorded poems in their own home languages and in English. Then, using QR code technology, shared their work with others. Mother tongue language classes are even offered in Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and French.

Convenient location

BSN’s Leidschenveen campus is close to The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer, Rotterdam and Pijnacker — a manageable commute from pretty much anywhere within the Randstad. It’s easy to get to by car or public transportation, situated alongside the highway and the E-Metro line (Randstad Rail) and other public transportation. 

Not many schools in the Netherlands have grounds like these. Image: British School in the Netherlands


If BSN Leidschenveen Campus sounds like it might be the right choice for your family, you’re in luck — the school is accepting applications for the current school year 2020-2021 for Years Foundation 1-9 (ages 3-14 approximately).  For the school year 2021-2022, applications are accepted for Years Foundation 1-10 (ages 3-15 approximately). Students can enrol in the BSN and start at any time throughout the year.

You can check out everything else they have to offer on their website. To get in touch, contact ad********@br***********.nl or call +31(0)70 315 4077.

For any other burning questions you may have about education in the Netherlands, read up on international schools, Dutch schools, and enrolling your child

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